The number of perturbations of the fetus per day is my quota is approximately 10 times (10 series of tremors). A few days before birth, the number of perturbations decreases because the baby fills itself almost the entire cavity of the uterus and the movements he lacks. The aftershocks of the fetus are more common at night than during the day: the baby is mostly asleep, lulled by the movements of the mother. If you do not feel perturbations of the child for three to four hours, no reason to worry: the baby was just resting. To test this, hold for a few seconds breathing. This will reduce the flow of oxygen in the blood of the fetus, he worried, and you immediately feel the jolt in my stomach.But if the movements of the fetus, before active, suddenly for no apparent reason become lethargic, rare, if you do not feel them more than 12 hours to seek medical attention immediately! Ischemia, especially full cessation of the perturbations is the first symptom of hypoxia of the fetus (oxygen deficiency), and unless urgent measures may be a symptom of missed abortion.The reasons for the development of hypoxia of the fetus are varied: presence of mother in a stuffy room, her disease, congenital malformations of the child. the Doctor establishes a diagnosis of hypoxia of the fetus, counting the frequency of his heart rate by listening with a stethoscope through the abdominal wall of the mother. Normal heart of the fetus is reduced with the frequency of 120-160 beats per minute. Slowing or quickening of heartbeats and is an indicator of hypoxia. A more accurate method of estimating heart rate is the CTG – cardiotocography. If physical examination and conducting of TPC, it appears that the movements of the fetus are rare or do not exist that his heart is beating too frequently or too infrequently that the heart rhythm was monotonous - the question arises about the abortion until she moved to frozen, i.e. not ended with the death of the fetus in the womb.To the development of missed abortion can lead to a number of reasons: acute and chronic infectious diseases of pregnant women (chlamydia, herpes, toxoplasmosis), hormone imbalances in her system, chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus , etc. But most commonly to the death of the fetus causes the mother's alcoholism, her drug dependence or abuse Smoking. Frozen pregnancy can develop at any time, but more often in the first trimester.Lead a healthy lifestyle if you want to have a healthy baby, and watch out for his moves!