Perhaps the most popular card game is "Stupid". Maximum number of people that can play this game, equals six. At yard games decided to allow a larger number of players. The game uses a deck par 36 playing cards. Each player gets six cards. The essence of the game is to get rid of all the cards. "Fools" remains the player who could not get rid of all the cards. The average for the time this game takes 10-20 minutes.

Quite interesting is a game called "Neurotic". In the game you can use a deck par 36 and 52 cards. Leading thoroughly shuffles the deck, then deals each player the same number of cards. The exact number of players is not specified. This game is desirable to play together. The essence of the game is to collect all available cards. On the table is placed a card of a particular suit. Then, in turn, each player puts one card from the top of his stack. If the suit laid and lay the cards match, the player must hit the deck. The one whose hand first touched the deck, takes all the cards. It is worth noting that this game can continue for quite a long time.

In the game of "Broom" is played at a par value of 36 cards. Often the game involved two people. Each of them is dealt three cards. The essence of the game is to collect three cards of the same suit. The players laid out 3 cards, so that people do not see suit. Then one of the players replace their card for any card from lying around. The game will last as long as one of the players pick three cards of the same suit. If this does not happen for a long amount of time, replace the three cards lying on the other. On average the game lasts 5-10 minutes.

The game "lie Detector" to give you the opportunity to feel as a psychic. This game uses a deck of 36 cards. For advanced players, you can also use a deck of 52 cards. In this game you can play as a couple, or a Threesome. Driving a person picks up a deck of cards. Then he takes out one the map so no player never saw it. Accordingly, the players must take turns trying to guess what is depicted on the map, or a they suit. The winner is the player who during the game guessed the most cards.