Signs of weeping navel

The emergence of the child from the womb is accompanied by pererezannym of the umbilical cord, after which the baby begins its independent existence. With these moments stop direct contact with the mother. Special clamp cuts the cord and stops the blood flow.

To ensure your child a comfortable state, you need to properly handle the umbilical wound. How to understand that belly button began to fester? First of all, the skin around the belly button becomes reddish, there is a characteristic foul odor and discharge from the wound.

How to handle the navel of the newborn?

The first days, the clip remains on the navel, it should not tear. During the drying of the umbilical cord it is no longer your own. During this period to handle daily with hydrogen peroxide, and then the "green paint" or a solution of manganese. Pediatricians do not recommend to bathe the child, to avoid injury and prolonged healing.

Often the umbilical wound begins to fester, causing pain for the baby and increases the risk of infection. For treatment at home you should buy:
hydrogen peroxide;
- solution of green diamond;
- cotton balls and cotton swabs.

On clean skin apply a small amount of peroxide and wait for a while until the foam is formed and softened crust. Gently remove the pus and the remains of the crust. Next, thoroughly dry the treated area again and drip hydrogen peroxide.

For quick healing it is more likely to leave a child without clothes as humidity worsens the condition. Not like the preference of the special models with the cutout for the belly button. On conventional diapers, it is advisable to wrap the top edge, leaving a festering wound open. To reduce the risk of omphalitis is not necessary to bandage.

In contact with the navel of a newborn's urine is necessary to moisten a cotton ball in alcohol and carefully handle the wound, then change his clothes or diaper.

If the navel does not heal for more than 3 weeks, the inflammation and swelling persist, pus continues to flow, it is recommended to consult a doctor-pediatrician, since often it can be the basis of education, complete or incomplete umbilical fistula. In this case, you cannot self-medicate, drug is required ways to maintain the health of the baby.