What is an umbilical hernia? What she looks like?

According to statistics, umbilical hernia is found in every fifth baby. With regard to the defect of the umbilical ring, it happens almost all newborns.

What is an umbilical hernia? A protrusion of internal organs under the skin in the navel area. The reason for this may be nezareatmene of the fascia of the umbilical ring.

The hernia is felt in the belly of the baby like a soft ball. If the umbilical ring is very wide, and the hernia is large, it is visible intestinal peristalsis. It's very intimidating to young parents, and the child does not feel any discomfort.

Typically, an umbilical hernia does not cause ailments. Diagnosed the pediatrician observe the child. In the future he can refer you to a surgeon for advice.

Hernia is one of the most common surgical diseases of the newborn. There is a myth that it arises from the fact that the hospital improperly bandaged navel. Actually this speaks to the immaturity of the organism.

How to treat an umbilical hernia?

If you find an umbilical hernia from baby, do not immediately panic and worry. Of course, as soon as possible to show the child the doctor. He will examine and determine the condition of the hernia and prescribe treatment.

You need to remember that this hernia, in contrast, for example, inguinal hernia in children, can pass itself without surgical intervention. Over time, with proper development of the child, the abdominal wall is strengthened, resulting in the umbilical ring closes.

Already from the third week of life a doctor can prescribe massage, and physical therapy. It is best to go to a massage therapist who can work with children with this disease. Exercises that includes physical therapy, performed under the supervision of a trainer and only after reposition of the hernia.

Very useful would be an action such as placing the baby on his stomach. This prevents the protrusion of the hernia, promotes discharge of gases and stimulates the activity of the child. But it is important to remember that the surface on which you put a child in, should be solid.

Another method of treatment – the imposition of the patch. This procedure is performed by the surgeon, and only after the umbilical wound heals. Thanks to her, the hernial protrusion is sealed, and the adhesive holds it in this position for quite a long time.

If five years no methods of treatment did not bring positive results, then surgery is performed. Of course, if the hernia is too large and prone to infringement, or a child is experiencing difficulties because of it, the operation is possible in an earlier age.