To cure of umbilical hernia have a newborn, you need to strengthen the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. To do so, contact an experienced and professional child therapist or coach exercise physiologist. Massage can begin from the second week of baby's life, the techniques are painless and easy, so do not cause the child crying. Before the special techniques hernia reduce a slight pressure of the fingers of one hand, as if utaplivaja it, at this time the second hand makes the required movement. These techniques include circular stroking clockwise tummy, counter-stroking and stroking oblique muscles of the tummy. Massage hands cover the side surface of the chest, and make movement towards each other, then downward and forward. During these movements, the navel is hidden in a skin crease.
A very important point in the treatment of umbilical hernia is organized proper nutrition. Ensure that the child did not cry for a long time, struggle with colic various ways.
For the treatment of umbilical hernia in a newborn baby lay on his tummy (on the diaper), putting before him a bright and beautiful toys. It promotes the discharge of gases, and prevents the protrusion of the hernia, increases the possibility of more active movements of the legs, arms and torso, thereby reducing intra-abdominal pressure. You can put the baby on his stomach on a big soft bouncy ball ' s the ball from side to side, this will create the effect of massage of the abdominal wall.
In the first months of baby's life can make a special massage of the navel before going to sleep. Lubricate the baby cream area of the umbilical ring and gently massage your lips in the place of a hernia, as if vygryzat her (lips), but do it quite carefully.
In ancient times, the umbilical hernia was treated by using coin, which was applied to the navel and was taped with a band-aid.