Some of the skin defects of the newborn lead to a sense of panic from a new mother. Too much importance to peeling should not attach to.

Why is the peeling?

All nine months the child lived in a different environment, and after birth he has to adapt to the world. Skin reaction in the form of peeling pediatricians called physiological process that mainly affects post-term children. The skin of such babies are prone to diaper rash, cracked and peeling.

Usually after the first month the peeling go away on their own. If the peeling has not stopped – it could be dermatitis. The reasons for this peeling can be the introduction of new allergenic foods in the diet of lactating mothers, washing tools or just tap water.

To avoid dermatitis eliminate from the diet products not recommended, change of detergents, read the instructions of children's hygiene products which can be allergens.

Contact your pediatrician, if correct and timely approach, you can quickly get rid of skin dermatitis.
Do not worry if your child has started to peel off and the skin heads, the experts call it the silver dermatitis. To years this is completely normal sebaceous glands of the head as well are adapting. Nothing in this do not need to follow the rules of newborn care.

Proper care of baby's skin

Noticing a slight redness, inexperienced mother begins to smear baby beauty products promising to ease the symptoms.

Actually skin care includes several steps:

1. First of all, treat your hands. Nails should be trimmed without sharp edges so as not to injure the delicate skin. Make sure that your skin does not have any inflammation, especially purulent.

2. Until complete healing of the navel of the baby to treat it twice a day.

3. To treat your baby's skin by special means, especially in the folds.

4. Watch out for the nails of the child on the hands and feet.

5. In the water when bathing, you can add a decoction of herbs.

When peeling you must perform the following procedure:

- In places peeling apply a liberal amount of baby cream or special oil;

In the first days of the newborn should not be treated cosmetic products, trust the experience of our ancestors - the usual boiled vegetable oil best protect and soothe baby's skin.

- Often use of the air bath, leaving the baby naked in 3-5 minutes, and then more.

Be careful to your little one, the appearance of the alarms promptly contact your doctor. Only he can help you prevent and avoid serious health problems.