You will need
  • 1) hydrogen Peroxide purchased at the drugstore (3% solution).
  • 2) green paint (scientific, solution of brilliant green alcohol).
  • 3) Cotton buds.
  • 4) Gauze, sterile cloth or a sterile cotton swab.
Dipped in a solution of hydrogen peroxide with a cotton swab must be very carefully remove the resulting in the area of the umbilical wound crust. Another cotton swab also dampened with hydrogen peroxide solution, you need to carefully clean all the folds and deepening of the navel of the baby.
Before lubricating the navel with a solution of green fodder, the wound should be patted dry with a sterile gauze pad or cotton swab.
Now the umbilical wound is ready to be processed with green paint. This procedure is not a big deal. A cotton swab should be moistened in a solution of green stuff and gently lubricate her navel baby: all it folds and inaccessible areas. Zelenka dries well, and most importantly, disinfects an umbilical wound of the kid.