The rest of the southern direction

The southern regions are renowned for their amazing air and the presence of many springs. Most health institutions is based not far from the places where they are able to treat the very nature.

The rest of the sea will help the child's body to gain strength for the coming year, to strengthen the immune system, nourish all the organs with the necessary vitamins. Currently on the territory of the black sea hotels are very developed services such as animation, a table, adapted for younger guests. You need to discuss in detail the possibility of leaving the child in the care of an experienced nanny. Many important pool and equipped children's playgrounds, because of the intense heat walks on the beach can turn into heat stroke for kids.

It is better to choose beaches with sand, as this reduces the risk of injury on sharp rocks. Should to rent sun loungers. A common practice is to pay just a few days. This allows you to reserve a place on the beach and not to come to the sea early in the morning to search for empty beds. Holidays with child should not bring negative emotions.

Cultural program for children

For those wishing to introduce their child to the high art ideal Saint Petersburg. On the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Finland, not far from the bustle of the city houses a number of hotels. Here merge the clean air, historical and architectural monuments, great scenery. It should be noted the high level of infrastructure development that will provide additional comfort to the guests.

To get acquainted with the fauna will help unique moose farm in Kostroma region. Since 1966, sumarokovskiy reserve specializiruetsya on the increase in the number of moose and provide them with acceptable living conditions. The child may freely communicate with the animals and even feed them.

Surprisingly, even in the summer, absolutely all have the opportunity to meet personally with Santa Claus. Veliky Ustyug welcomes guests all year round. Urban residence is a favorite character of children accommodates the Throne Room and Mail. And on the banks of the river Sukhona is a country Palace of the performer Christmas wishes.

Some families do not have the financial ability to visit the regions remote from the area of residence. Many of them are time-bound. The way out of the situation is a trip to the nearby sanatorium. Many regional malls are in close proximity to a pine forest, fir and birch forests. Due to the active development of the entertainment industry in the resort is now open modern adventure playgrounds, offers entertaining programs. Therefore, with a positive attitude, the child can greatly improve the body, complying with all recommendations and regulations of the medical staff of the institution.

Stay in Russia in summer is quite vague, and this applies to both adults and children. The main thing is to prioritize and not take too long to choose a tourist destination. Summer vacation with children is a rather specific sector of the whole tourism structure as a whole.