You can go to amazing Pskov region. The route is perfect for traveling with children. Here is the legendary complex-reserve Mikhailovskoye, where you will meet with generic name of Pushkin-Hannibal and Osipova-Wulf, ancient settlements and Svyatogorsky monastery.

To reach the reserve is best from Pskov — is a regular bus service. Will accommodate you in guest houses of the reserve. By the way, the food there as it was to take 200 years ago in the noble estates. And the menu of local cafés have preserved the traditional recipes of Russian cuisine — soups, porridge, pancakes, hrenovuha, pies.


The amazing beauty of the region lies on the border of Europe and Asia, in the foothills of the southern Urals, rich in thousands of lakes and rivers, the world famous prehistoric caves and ancient forests. Here is everything — a land of endless tourist possibilities. Welcome to Bashkortostan.

Here you can relax in great hotels and spas located at natural mineral springs, to try out the famous course of canisterapie. June gives this region the real magic in the woods is not silent of bird songs, plant lovers can see flowering orchids. Bashkortostan is famous as the place where the famous Kapova cave in the reserve Shulgan-Tash. To visit the cave with a guide who will tell you how to live in this Ural cave of the ancients. In the reserve Shulgan-Tash waiting for you an amazing discovery from the ancient world. Med — national pride and a symbol of Bashkortostan. In addition, there is the only place on earth which has preserved the tradition of collecting wild honey, tasty and healthful, it is possible to taste and buy.

With a distinctive history and traditions of the Bashkirs you can meet near the city of Beloretsk, in the Urals. On the farm Esdauletova burzyansky district is invited to spend a week in guest houses. The menu is exclusively national dishes with local organic food: kumiss, kulama, beshbarmak, Bellamy, and more. The program also includes Hiking and horseback trips, short rafting on the river, gathering herbs and campfire gatherings.


If you want to extraordinary that will be remembered for a lifetime, it is without a doubt Kamchatka. Here does not leave the impression that you've landed on a different planet. Geysers, hot springs, volcanoes, amazing sky and feeling the pristine existence. The rivers splashing salmon, everywhere signs warning about bears, and this is no joke, there are homes of brown bears. Summer starry nights full of the sounds of primitive nature, voices of animals and birds.

Avacha Bay attracts tourists and divers. The first dream to see whales, orcas and seals, and the second, not fearing the searing cold water, discover the stunning underwater world of the Bay.

Valley of Geysers — a true miracle of nature, with a whistle and a hiss from under the ground out columns of hot water. Having been here all your life you will remember the multi-colored lake.

Kamchatka is one of the most mysterious corners of our planet, and to see its wonders, the great fortune in life.

Residents of the East of our country are lucky there is an amazing region with excellent Spa facilities- Paratunskie thermal springs, famous for healing waters and clean air. Here is a sanatorium, recreation centres and guest houses.