The Black sea coast is quite a popular vacation spot for Russian tourists. Despite the unreasonably high prices, many still prefer to spend holidays with the children there. Choosing where to stop, you need to consider features of the terrain. For example, from Gelendzhik to Dzhanhot very difficult to find a comfortable descent into the water. There are mainly rocky shore, swimming comes with pontoons, which is very inconvenient with small children. But the coast near Anapa – sandy, depth near the shore is not large, it will suit both kids and parents.
If you stay domestic sea doesn't appeal, you can go to one of the suburban holiday homes. Many of them ("Heliopark", Snegirek, etc.) is equipped not only children's rooms, where kids will have a great time under the supervision of animators, but also have zoougolke, water parks, etc. in addition, the restaurants adapted to family holidays, hotels often offer a children's menu, and rooms equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay with kids – crib bumpers, stroller, potty, etc In many of these hotels have apartments with a kitchenette that parents can prepare their own meals for the little ones.
With older children, the students, can go on a tour of the Golden ring. More comfortable way to do it. In this case, you will not be dependent on the intended plan guide and other tourists. And to see the sights you can own. Especially since many museums are interactive presentation that make them interesting and memorable. In addition, you can visit places not included in the tour program. What is much more interesting than a trip with a tour of popular attractions.