Ipad 2

Owners of such mobile devices as Ipad 2, know that their screen to be automatically rotated depending on their position. So it turns out that if the mobile device is in landscape orientation, the screen must be in the same orientation. Some of this can cause various problems, for example, if the display does not change depending on the situation. If so, then do not worry, nothing to be nervous about, this problem very easy to solve, of course, if it is not hardware (that is, trouble lies directly in the device itself).

Enable (disable) the auto-rotate screen on Ipad 2

First, you need to pay attention to the padlock icon that is located by the battery status on the Ipad 2. If this icon is, it means that the auto-rotate screen is off (locked) in the device settings. Disable (enable) lock screen rotation can be carried out either on the sidebar of the mobile device, or directly in the menu multitasking. It depends on what is the function of the side panel (can be set to either "mute" or "Lock orientation").

In order to know what is the function of the sidebar, go to "Settings" tab and choose "Major". Next, scroll down the list, you can see the option "Switch to sidebar" and see what he says. If the option is set under lock orientation, then this toolbar will block the auto-rotate. For the solution of urgent problems should be set to "mute".

If the problem is still not resolved, then you have to go to multitasking by double pressing the Home button. After the open the corresponding menu, where there are several special buttons, each of which is responsible for the particular parameter. In the left part you will see a special icon (arrow with a lock or without a lock). To enable auto rotate only need to click on this image (respectively, to turn off, too).

In most cases, such a simple manipulation can solve the problem with the auto-rotate screen on Ipad 2. In all other situations you need to contact the specialists who can diagnose the device and a quality repair (in case if will be found a hardware malfunction).