Click on the desktop, right-click and click "screen Resolution" from the context menu. In the "Screen" you will see your monitor type, in the line "Resolution" you can adjust the screen resolution, increasing or decreasing it in accordance with its needs and capabilities of the graphics card.
The default view is set to landscape (portrait) orientation. In the list of orientations you can choose different settings for the screen rotation to turn screen 90, 180 and 270 degrees.
If you are using two monitors at the top of the window you will see two displayed screen, the selected numbers 1 and 2. If a second monitor is not installed, you will see "the Other screen is not detected".
In addition, to deploy the desktop in the usual position you can use the common Windows hot keys. Simultaneously press "Ctrl" and "Alt", then on the keyboard press the up arrow or down arrow. One press of the arrow rotates the screen 90 degrees.
As you can see, screen rotation in Windows 7 doesn't represent any difficulties even for a novice user operating system. You can expand the screen in most suitable for a particular work position.