Advice 1: How to turn the screen on the monitor

If suddenly because of accidentally pressing a key or after the reinstallation of the OS image on your computer or has become completely inverted, or rotated by 90 degrees, then not much to worry about. Follow all the below mentioned tips to fix the situation.
How to turn the screen on the monitor
If you have installed the Windows 7 operating system. On an empty space on the desktop right-click mouse and view pop-up menu.
Select from the options line of the "display Properties". Click on it and a window will appear in the "display Properties".
Here you need to locate the "advanced" tab and select the rotation angle of the image on the monitor.
Press "OK" and then "Apply" saving your settings.
Consider a situation when you have flipped the image after reinstalling OS (windows XP). To get started, try a simple combination of Ctrl+Alt+arrows. The picture may begin to turn arrows, respectively.
If not the option arrow, run an antivirus and check your computer for any infected files.
If after you scan the computer by antivirus software and remove them (if they were), the image is still rotated, go to "control Panel".
There, select the section with your videocard. Open it by double click.
This opens a menu card. You must choose the tab "Rotate display".
Set the normal position of the screen and click "OK" to save the result.
If you have a monitor for your home computer. Go to "device Manager". This can be done by clicking on "My computer", right-click, then select "Properties" and the tab "Equipment". There's a button opposite the label "device Manager" - click on it.
In the list that appears, select "Video" and click on it right mouse button.
In the appeared menu select "Properties" and try to change something in the settings.
If does not help, update the driver using the same menu.

Advice 2 : How to rotate the image

When the need arises to expand the image, you should decide which of the possible software you should use. You can rotate the image in the picture or pictures, you can view the video while watching a movie in the player and you can completely change the orientation of the entire screen and the desktop.
How to rotate the image
To turn the image on the picture, open it with a program to work with pictures. Programs that enable you to deploy the image very much. This including the Windows built-in viewer images, and well-known means of image processing: ACDSee, FastStone Image, IrfanView and many others. If you have used the program IrfanView, open the picture, go to menu “Image” and select the direction of deployment. In addition to standard turns left and right, and reflections across vertical and horizontal, you can ask and own rotation angle. Then you can save the resulting image as a separate file.
In order to rotate the image in the movie during playback, open the file using The KMPlayer player. Press during playback anywhere on the screen, right-click in the opened menu, select "Video (Basic)" and the following list is a "screen Rotation". Next, specify the angle of rotation that you need.
You can also rotate the image using the monitor settings. To do this go to control Panel and open the Settings of the display. Log in to advanced settings by clicking "Advanced" button. Usually the adapter settings that can deploy an image located on the tab containing the name of the manufacturer of the video card installed in your computer. Tab with these settings you need to choose these options, allowing to make turn the picture on the monitor. For example, for Intel Graphics you need to go to the additional menu "Graphic settings" and clicking on the "Parameters" tab, put the appropriate checkbox next to the desired rotation angle of the screen and click "Apply". The image will be rotated.

Advice 3 : How to flip desktop screen

By default, the orientation of the desktop in Windows landscape. However, sometimes you may need to rotate the screen 90 degrees, for example, to view long web pages or just as a friendly joke. This will help hotkeys or standard tools of the operating system.
How to flip desktop screen
Manufacturers of graphics cards provide the possibility to turn your desktop in your device's settings. If you have Windows XP, click on an empty space on the desktop, right-click and choose "Properties". In the properties window, in the tab "Settings" click "Advanced" button, this will open the connection properties window of the monitor. Go to the tab with the name of the graphics card installed on your computer.
Further actions will vary depending on what video card is installed on your computer. If it's integrated video card from Intel, click the "Graphics specifications". If your computer is connected to 2 monitors, in the new window tick the appropriate box and click "Settings" in the list on the left. Under "Rotation" select the rotation angle and confirm by pressing OK.
To change settings ATI Radeon click ATI Catalyst Control Center window the control center under "graphics Settings" click "display Manager". In the dropdown list of "Rotate" to select the desired setting.
In Windows 7, the procedure will be slightly different. Right-click on a blank spot on your desktop and select the context menu option "screen Resolution". In the "Screen resolution" screen, select the monitor, if there are 2 and the drop-down list of the Orientation specify the rotation angle.
Rotate the desktop in all versions of Windows by using the hot keys Ctrl+Alt+ ← or ↑/→/↓. If you are afraid of accidental or intentional use of them, you can block these combinations. Right-click the mouse on the desktop and choose a program under "graphics Settings", "hotkeys", "Off".
Block the rotation of the desktop can be another way. Go to the dialog box of the graphics card, as described above, and uncheck "Enable rotation".
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