Lever turn signal is located under the steering wheel to the left on LHD and right on RHD cars, and is a plastic lever with two arrows. To activate the left turn indicator on the machine with the left rudder, you need to lower the lever down, but on a RHD car and Vice versa – rise up. To turn the right Blinker on the left-hand drive, it is necessary to raise the lever up, and the car with the right wheel to drop down. These are design features that can be quickly used.
Turn signals should be included in any maneuver associated with a change in the trajectory of the vehicle: lane change, turn or u-turn. To include turn signal in advance in most cases. For example, when making a turn or u-turn, it is recommended to enable the corresponding light signals in 50 – 100 m. Also, it is recommended to use the Blinker, if you want to Park the car at the curb.
If you need to change lane, it is best to include the rotation immediately before making the maneuver, making sure that the adjacent lane is free. Otherwise, in advance of turning on the turn signal, you can mislead other road users ' intentions.
If you are moving in heavy traffic at low speed you enabled the turn signal to inform other drivers that you need to readjust. Usually motorists are sensitive to the necessary rebuilding, but may not understand you if you will take maneuvers without the included indexes of turn.