Pay close attention to daily habits of your spouse, if something feels wrong, follow your instincts and investigate further. Most likely, if you have a strong feeling that something is wrong, it means that something is really happening. Watch, if something alerts you to a possible affair.

Behavior. The behavior of your spouse can change if you change it. If he was nervous, that's a bad sign. If the situation changes, for example, where it holds your mobile phone or your bag, this may indicate something is going on. Frequent trips outside the home, it is always a bad sign. If he wants more or less sex than usual, this is also one of the signs. In this case, an increase in intimacy a couple can be caused by guilt or he could go back and not wanting to have sex at all.

Fashion. Sometimes a new man can influence the way we dress and take care of their appearance. If your man suddenly began to care about how he looks, more than he did before, it can be a sign of cheating. If he has a completely different style of clothes and began to look in the mirror, pay attention to it. Removing a wedding ring is definitely a bad sign. Buying new clothes or underwear may also deserve your attention. Some unfamiliar smells on your spouse, such as perfume or Cologne, also cause some issues.

Money. This is an important factor. Most likely, it is necessary to spend money to send gifts to a mistress without your knowledge. If he has opened another Bank account or got a new credit card, it could mean that he's Dating someone else. If the money is gone without explanation is a bad sign.

Time. A cheating spouse can you zoom out. You spend less time together. He could miss a family dinner or other planned event. Guilt can cause the cheater to get away from family and even friends. You don't get from her husband's time as much as you used to, even when he's around, not fully feel his presence. Maybe he is busy with his phone, spends too much time on the Internet, or behaves strangely.