For starters, consider whether you need to know about the affair. After all, if your partner is not open about his love life, he values relationship with you and is not going to destroy them. Sometimes it's easier not to know something than to the shocking truth. But if you do decide, pay attention to some details.
The man started to actively take care of yourself. He updated the closet, spends a lot of time in front of the mirror and wondered where to buy perfumes for men - all this suggests that he has nobody to show off. Previously, he was not as addicted to beauty, it is worth pondering.
Delays at work. He often reports that he will not come for dinner and you'd better go to sleep alone, as an urgent signing of the contract will force him to sit in the office till night. It ceases to come over for dinner and trips happen twice a month. If your favorite has not previously been awake to work, that means only one thing - he chose her as a cover for meetings with his mistress.
Changes in intimate life. Needless to say that the detection of sexually transmitted diseases, is a clear sign of infidelity. Pay attention to how often you have sex. If your meeting is in bed tend to zero, and it is not reflected, it means that the sexual energy he leaves on the doorstep of your home.
Unexpected costs can also hint at treason. In fact a mistress need to be entertained, to book hotels for meetings and pay for dinners in restaurants. Verify the income and expenses and make a conclusion.
The discovery of traces of another woman - the most striking evidence of infidelity. Perfume smell from clothing, a trace of lipstick, a scratch on the body is not to be attributed to colleagues and neighbors in the metro.
If you know your man, it is treason to calculate very simple - you'll catch the slightest change in behavior and his habits. They usually occur as a result of the relaxing communication.