Advice 1: How to take birth in cats

Do you live in the house cat, which will soon have kittens, and you fear that in the moment when labor begins, you will be able to help her? In fact, in most cases, the animal can easily be delivered independently, and the presence of hosts at the birth of the cat should be her soon in order to feel calmer and more confident. How to help a cat when giving birth?
How to take birth in cats
First of all you need to prepare for the cat a cozy place where she will give birth. In principle, this would be a regular cardboard box on the bottom which you can put a folded in several layers of a clean towel. If the box has a sufficient depth, in one of its walls you can cut a manhole through which the pregnant animal can easily how to get inside the box and get out of it. Let your pet get acquainted with this nest – if she doesn't like it, then there is a huge probability that to give birth she will come to your bed. If everything is in order, then put that box in a quiet place where the cat won't be disturbed.
Approximately one day before birth, the cat begins to worry and hard to prepare their nest, and a couple of hours before the momentous event she calls the owner to the place where the childbirth actually will happen. Be sure to sit with the animal, stroke it and talk to him. This certainly will affect the cat soothingly, and then she will settle down and wait for the beginning of fights.
When labor begins, the cat has a fever, and her nose and ears become very hot. Watch how the kittens: normally, they should be born front feet forward. Each of them, the mother cat needs to lick, to bite off the umbilical cord and eat out the kitty last. To predict the duration of delivery in advance is impossible. Between birth of first and last kittens can pass as 40-50 minutes and hours. The owner should only talk to the cat and from time to time glances that process went fine and there were no complications.
If something went wrong, be sure to contact a veterinarian. Currently the vet you can call home, often at night. It is possible that in fact everything is fine, but to determine it can only a vet, not even being present when the cat gives birth. You can just describe what's happening on the phone. In any case, ask for permission from observing your cat to a veterinarian to contact him in case of need.

Advice 2 : How to take birth from British cats

Cats, unfortunately, not always can give birth to kittens. In the worst cases, rescue animal and the cubs may even require the assistance of a veterinarian. It is important to remember that if pregnancy British cats live longer 60-65 days, there is a possibility that the kittens are too large, and then the owner will have to take your cat birth.
How to take birth from British cats
You will need
  • Box, clean diaper.
Calculate approximate date of birth. On average, pregnancy in cats lasts about 60-70 days. Remember when you were binding, add the average term of pregnancy, and you will get approximate date of birth of the kittens.
Prepare the site for delivery and ensure that someone from the household will be able to look after the cat and help her if necessary. It is desirable that at the right moment you were able to get off work and take birth from your pet.
Provide your British cat with good conditions for birth. Lay in a specially prepared box of clean diapers. Make sure that the room was warm and quiet to strangers and loud noises do not interfere with the expectant mother. The fact that British cat at the time of birth is very important to feel protected. Otherwise, the birth can be delayed or even stop until until the animal calms down.
Don't worry, otherwise your favorite, too, will start to worry. When you start the fight, you will immediately notice a wave-like motion inside the abdomen of the expectant mother. Carefully and gently stroke the cat, talk to her quiet, gentle voice. Do not leave the cat alone, keep her calm, if she starts to rush and a loud meow.
Check the condition of the cat. After some time the contractions will go in attempts, and you will see how the first kitten is born. If the kitten cannot be born a little POPs out, then disappears again – lubricate the hole with vaseline to the cat was easier to push the baby. If this does not work, gently take the kitten's skin and slowly pull it out. In any case, do not grab his legs, head and other body parts, because you can hurt or even kill fragile newborn!
Pay attention to how the cat takes care of the baby. If the kitten was born in a bubble, and the cat did not immediately gnawing on it – quickly take the scissors and carefully cut the tape. Extract from a kitten, remove mucus from nostrils and mouth. If the kitten is not breathing, bend his body, pressing his head to the rear feet, straighten and bend again. Repeat this several times.
Always make sure the appearance of the placenta: how many kittens born, so it must be placenta. The cat should be allowed to eat 1-2 of the placenta, but the rest definitely need to throw to have a new mother not vomited and no diarrhea started.
If kittens were born more than out placenta – contact your veterinarian to prevent serious illness of your pet.
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