Let me see your favorite veterinarian. The specialist will determine the term of pregnancy most accurately, making ultrasound the animal. At the same time talk to your doctor about how and what to feed the future mother is very important for the normal development of offspring, and maintaining the health of the cat.
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If you can't show a cat to a specialist, try to determine the approximate duration of the pregnancy on their own. In the third week after conception the animal may experience vomiting, mood change and passive behavior. All these symptoms should disappear with time.
On the fourth week you will notice other signs of pregnancy. At this time, the cat will begin to increase and the nipples will change color. If your darling is preparing to become a mother for the first time, these effects will be most pronounced. In later pregnancy, the nipples will also change, but not as much as when feeding they become larger than before first birth.
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Around the sixth week of pregnancy in cats are noticeably rounded belly, and the 45-50 day you can feel the kittens moving in the womb. Be careful when taking the animal in hand.
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From the seventh to the eighth week, the expectant mother starts worrying. The cat may run around the room and look for a suitable place to give birth. But don't expect the kittens will be from day to day. This will happen not earlier than the ninth week of pregnancy. A few days before birth, the kitty will calm down, become contemplative. If you notice these changes - so the cat can have at any time. Watch its condition, and, if necessary, call a veterinarian.
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