Advice 1: How to understand that a cat is giving birth

Cats prefer to give birth alone, often they don't need human help. But still, with any suspicious behavior during childbearing need to call a veterinarian - the birth of the baby can undergo complications. It is especially necessary to monitor the cat, which give birth for the first time. Watch future mom for a few days before the expected date. Pregnancy lasts about 65-67 days.
How to understand that a cat is giving birth
If you notice that your cat walks with you and not left alone even for a minute, then give her a little attention. Cats feel that childbirth priblijayutsya and try to attract attention. Excessive anxiety and the search for nooks and crannies in the apartment, too, are harbingers of the emergence of early offspring.
Measure the cat's rectal temperature. If it fell from 38.9 to 36.7 degrees, it means that your cat is going to give birth.
A few days before birth, the cat starts vaginal secretion. During this period, the fallopian tube starts to liquefy, the sacrum becomes movable. Carefully observe the animals with the appearance of these symptoms.
Examine the mammary glands of the cat. Two days before the birth, you receive the colostrum, which can leak and it is immediately noticeable by the animal.
If you notice the outbreak of tribal activities, leave the cat alone. Don't touch her and the kittens, but don't stop to watch her, in case the need to have time to call the vet.

Advice 2 : How does the cat before birth

Pregnancy in cats lasts 60 to 70 days. The second week is already starting to grow a belly, swell and turn pink nipples. Rapid weight gain can understand that a cat is pregnant.
Before birth, the cat is anxious and finds no place

A few hours before giving birth

A few hours before birth, the cat is restless, nervous, scratching the floor, shaking, trying to retire. It all says that soon the light will be kittens. A few weeks before the important event, the cat, as a responsible future mom, looking for a suitable place in the house for their offspring. She sniffs all cabinets, corners and shelves, looking for a quiet and warm place. The owner of the pet must create all necessary conditions that the cat was comfortable to give birth.

The method of determining the time of birth

It is possible to predict the time of birth, measuring the temperature of the animal is already 61 days of pregnancy. A few hours before birth, the temperature falls from 38.5 to 37.5 degrees. The cat at this time is placed in a convenient location, beginning to lick his genitals, tossing and turning from side to side. From the vulva before birth is allocated a yellowish-brown viscous liquid. This is a normal phenomenon. If the discharge is green or black shade, you should begin to worry.

Caring owners

The owners should take care of the cat for a few weeks before the birth. You must build for her a house out of the box. It should be done in advance to get your cat accustomed to the place, inhabit it. If the new place doesn't appeal then you can lure all kinds of yummy treats or favorite toys. The walls of the home should not be high, so it was easy to climb. In the last weeks of pregnancy the cat hard to move around, to climb somewhere. On the bottom of the box you need to lay the paper diaper that absorbs moisture. Most importantly, the bedding was warm and quiet place. It is necessary to predict in advance the size of the box to all cat family there fit. Before birth, a cat's increased appetite. Near the habitat, you should put the drink and food.

The appearance of kittens into the light

At the time of birth near the cat should not be other animals and children, you must remain calm, not shout and be quiet. If the cat started to give birth not cooked on the spot, so it is necessary to carefully there to transfer or to send. If the pet does not want the owner sat beside me during the whole process, so it should be back and not interfere, but follow the event, in the event that to help. When cat first gives birth, often she needs moral support. You can gently stroke the mother's belly, talking to her and comfort her. It is important not to irritate her and not to interfere, as in this case, you can start a complication that will harm the kittens and the cat.

Advice 3 : Signs that a cat is preparing to leave

If a cat lives in your home for quite a long time and she is pregnant not for the first time, then you probably know what signs indicate that it will soon begin delivery. However, an inexperienced breeder may simply not pay attention to the symptoms of approaching the process, and then it will be a surprise to him. How to understand that the cat is preparing to leave?
Signs that a cat is preparing to leave
First of all, about two days before giving birth, cat lost appetite, and her nipples starting to stand out the milk. Simultaneously, the nipples increase in size – now they stick, something Recalling the goat. As well as the women, at least the day before birth in the cat "falls" the belly. Cats uterus pressing on her bladder, and so the animal often goes to the toilet. If all these signs you have noticed your cat, then in any case do not let her out of the house, so she didn't have to give birth to kittens in the street. Plan your Affairs so that during labor you or someone from household members certainly were near the cat.
Approximately 5-6 hours before birth, the cat behavior change. She starts to get nervous and rush through the house in search of a secluded place where it would be convenient to be during childbirth. If the owner prepared in advance for this process, a box with clean towels, the animal carefully trample down all the irregularities in it. Also the cat carefully licked its genitals and turned up her tummy, showing how she wants to master scratched her belly.
Before birth begins, your cat will settle down in a lambing box. The owner definitely need to sit down with her to talk to animals and calm him down. Soon the cats will start having contractions that become stronger and more frequent. The owner can even see how the animal strains to push it out of the kitten. Keep in mind that if half an hour after the start of strong regular contractions the first kitten was never born, you should call the vet.
After the birth of each of the kittens from the birth canal of a cat must reach the placenta. If it remains inside the body of the pet, it can trigger the development of inflammatory processes of the reproductive system of the animal and even his death.

If the pregnancy of a cat lasts more than 70 days, the cat obviously can't give birth on their own, out of her birth canal appear black blood or foul smell discharge – means that something went wrong. Immediately call the vet, to avoid the worst of it.
Useful advice
Not take up newborn kittens – they are generally better not to touch in the first two days unless absolutely necessary, because the cat may abandon a kitten if he smells something other than herself, or even kill him.
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