Pregnant your cat

Even a planned mating may not complete a pregnancy, so it is important to determine whether fruitfully was the date and whether your cat to become a mother. The period of gestation in cats is 9 weeks old, but as always in nature, the norm is the variation in few days. In cats it can be 5 days in the one and in the other direction. Cats with short hair pregnancy lasts less 58-68 days, long-haired - 62-72 days. A lot depends on how many kittens will give birth to a cat. If it is 1-3 the kitten, it will go longer than kittens when it happens 5 or more. Conception usually occurs within a day or two after coating.

как принимать роды у кошек

Special pregnancy tests for Pets does not yet exist, so the only indicator in the first couple of weeks is the behaviour of a cat. The first few days you may not notice, but examine them carefully to the animal's behavior, especially how she eats. The change in dietary habits – a sure sign of pregnancy. She can abandon the usual food, there is more or less than normal, begin to sleep more and more often to drink. Some cats by the end of the second week you may receive a sickness, like a normal woman, her maybe a few days to rant, but this condition in cats is quick.

Как принимать роды у кошки

You can in two weeks or later after the presumed mating to visit a veterinary clinic equipped with an ultrasound machine and test cat pregnancy. With the end of the 2nd week, the embryo kittens can already be seen on the monitor screen.

как узнать растущюю луну

When bear cat

On the Internet there are many sites that provide calendars, in which one column contains the day of mating, the second the expected day of delivery. But you may be able to more accurately predict it, watching as pregnancy proceeds.

Как ты понять, что кошка беременна

Usually within 4 th-6 th week you will already know that the cat expects the addition of its appearance. Her nipples become pink hue and can begin to peel off, the belly becomes noticeable and increases with each passing day. At this time, you can visit a vet to have it, even with the help of palpation, determined the approximate number of kittens. The very best not to mashing once again the cat, not to hurt her.

узнать, что собака беременна

After 7-weeks, putting his hand on the cat's stomach, you can feel the movement. In this time the animal sleeps a lot and often visits your tray, lot of eating and drinking. Before the birth for 2-3 days the abdomen descends, shifting to the thighs and looks a little saggy, there is discharge, nipples swell and they also released the white liquid. The cat starts looking for a secluded place, will make it easy for her, making a box and putting it in a soft warm cloth.