It must be created 2 weeks before delivery, so the cat could settle down. Place the cat food in the bowl, the water in this maternity room for habituation.


The box should be placed in a quiet room, bathroom or spare room – it's perfect. The room should be a comfortable temperature for a cat and her kittens. Cat mother should be away from other Pets and children.

Sometimes, despite all efforts, the cat may refuse to use your birthing place, then choose another location (for example, at the bottom of your wardrobe, in a drawer, under the dresser). If this happens, close doors to other parts of the house to prevent the adventures of a cat. If it is, it would seem, demonstrates a preference for one room, if it fits, you can carry boxes for birthing places in this room. Some mother cats like to be near their owners, others want to be independent in the first weeks of motherhood.

The maternity place

The box should be large enough to accommodate the cat's mother so that she could stand up and turn around and put her litter when the kittens are born).

Sturdy cardboard box must be closed on all sides (and above), and cut a hole in the front must give up the cat and roll over.

Soiled bedding should be removed after birth and disposed of. Regularly need to be replaced in the box clean fresh linen.

If litter is expected in the colder months, a heating pad can be put in a box. Make sure that it does not cover the entire bottom surface, so that the kittens could get away from the heat if necessary. You need to make sure that the temperature is not too hot.