The dangerous cats?

The main danger posed by the cats and threatening expectant mothers – it is not the fur that causes allergies, not the bites and scratches, and infection, which carry furry creatures – toxoplasmosis. The disease is caused by microorganisms, parasitic in the body of cats, birds, dogs or humans, however, the final host of the parasite is cats.

The animal can be infected by Toxoplasma after eating infected meat, and through contact with feces of infected animals or soil or water in which they were. People get parasites by eating raw or netwarename meat, through contact with infected cysts Toxoplasma earth, street dust, from the newly diseased animal.

Signs of toxoplasmosis occur only during the initial infection resemble the symptoms of ordinary colds. Often toxoplasmosis and have cats, and humans are asymptomatic.

Toxoplasmosis is not dangerous for adults, but in pregnant women the infection can bring serious problems. Most expectant mother disease does not hurt, but the fetus is extremely dangerous toxoplasmosis – Toxoplasma gondii affects the nervous system of the fetus, causes underdevelopment of the brain, malformations of the internal organs, incompatible with life.
The smaller the period of pregnancy at which infection occurred, the more serious the consequences to the fetus. If the mother was infected with toxoplasmosis for a period of less than 24 weeks, doctors often advised to terminate the pregnancy.

How to protect yourself from toxoplasmosis

Still a risk of Contracting Toxoplasma is not a reason to exile Pets. We must not forget that a cat is not the only source of parasites, with the same success you can become infected from undercooked meat, and gardening work. Toxoplasmosis is not afraid of you, if you follow certain precaution.

The first step is to be tested for toxoplasmosis to know, have you had any contact with vozbuditelei disease earlier and since this analysis include the doctors in the survey program for pregnant and planning a pregnancy. If the results of the analysis can conclude that you have already been infected with toxoplasmosis, your body is already familiar with the infection, re-infection you are not afraid. If you find that you have no immunity, have to do everything possible to avoid infection.

If the cat is on the street – walk will have to cancel. Disable the animal to climb onto the table on which you put products. Do not feed your cat raw meat is better to translate it on dry and canned food. Try less likely to take the favorite on my hands and don't let her lick you.
If a cat has developed symptoms – runny nose, fever, vomiting, diarrhea immediately contact your veterinarian.

Remove the litter box once – even if the cat selects in the faeces cysts of Toxoplasma, they need some time to Mature and be released into the environment. It is best to entrust the cleaning of the tray to one of the family members, but if this is not possible, remove it with gloves and immediately wash with disinfectants.

Wash your hands thoroughly before eating and after returning from the street, put garden work. Do not touch raw meat, and before eating be sure to expose it to prolonged heat treatment.