Preparation for childbirth

как принять роды у пинчера

Birth in Chihuahua, however, like other dogs, did not come unexpectedly. They can always be predicted by certain characteristics – so, a few days before the birth of the dog sink the hips, SAG back and external genitals, which become somewhat lax. Nipples fill with colostrum directly into the eyes, the dog starts to refuse food and walks, looking for secluded places or showing excessive excitement. Also the day before delivery Chihuahua can systematically increase and decrease body temperature.

Prepare the place where the dog will give birth, you need at least a week before the birth of the puppies, so she can get used to it and settle in it.

For delivery you need to prepare Newspapers, towels, diapers, clean cloth, sharp scissors, thread for ligation of the navel, antiseptic, analgesic and a heating pad, which can consult a veterinarian. Also may need to stimulate the weak labor – for this you need to acquire disposable syringes and vials of oxytocin or mastometrin. You should also be trained to do injections or to insure, in consultation with a veterinarian who can come to the rescue in an emergency situation.


роды русского тоя

At the beginning of fights the dog begins often hard to breathe, to dig a nest and worry. Her side, a periodically tense – contractions can last from one hour to twelve hours. They then proceed to almost imperceptible attempts, the interval between them may be about forty minutes, during which time you should see the first puppy.

If attempts continue for more than four to six hours, you need to call the vet because the fetus can be wrong or be too big.

After the puppy is born, you need to break the afterbirth, wipe dry the puppy with a cloth and apply on the cord (2-4 cm from the stomach) a few threads. Then the umbilical cord between them you need to cut sterilized scissors and again to wipe the puppy. After these procedures, the baby must be quickly applied to mother's nipple to stimulate new uterine contractions and to speed up further birth. If desired, a Chihuahua can eat the placenta – it is very nutritious and healthy.

If one of born pups no signs of life need to lower his head down, grind along the spine and chest, shake gently and check its mouth for the presence of amniotic fluid and mucus. When all the puppies will be born, a dog needs to wash away and wipe dry, suggesting the mother nutritious food and water.