Course of pregnancy in cats

узнать беременна ли кошка

The average cat pregnancy lasts nine weeks. Recognize it, starting from the third week – at the nipples, which become pronounced pink. Also, the animal may vomit, because his body starts to undergo hormonal changes. From the fifth week of the cat begins to significantly gain weight, and the sixth – her nipples will rapidly start to increase, brimming with milk. The expectant mother begins to sleep more and completely ignores the cats, if one of them is next.

Usually cats during pregnancy become more gentle, quiet and affectionate, if before they went outside, in this period, they are closer to home.

Every day pregnant cat eats more, but a few days before birth, the appetite is markedly reduced. Also during pregnancy in the animal body increases intra-abdominal pressure, resulting in frequent urination and defecation. Sometimes the cat may experience a false pregnancy occurs when ovulation without fertilization. The cat observed all the signs of pregnancy that take place during the forty days, however, if they cause health complications, should take measures. The frequent false pregnancy, doctors often recommend removing the ovaries of a cat.

Care during pregnancy

First and foremost, the cat is necessary to ensure proper and nutritious food, rich in proteins and calcium. In the second half of pregnancy to feed the cat needs food that contains a lot of protein. You should also exclude all drugs, including medicines for fleas and worms. Because big belly makes it difficult for self-washing of the animal, he can help clean the genitals with a damp soft cloth.

During pregnancy cats like privacy, so if you have other cats, pregnant better partially isolated from them.

In the latter stages of pregnancy, the cat should not climb on the cabinets and other high places because the weight of the uterus greatly shifts the center of gravity, and the animal may be unable to maintain balance, falling from a height. Just before birth (about two weeks) the cat should make a nest – box with Newspapers or disposable baby diapers, stacked in several layers. At birth kittens cannot be wiped off with a soft wipes that can stick to the newborn and the cat refuses to lick. The box should stand in a warm place – preferably where the cat liked to be the entire period of pregnancy. Sometimes childbirth can last more than a day, so you should have everything necessary, including telephone nearest veterinary clinic.