In lucid dreams a person can be anyone, do anything. However, our brain quickly responds to such "mistakes" and brings us back into unconscious sleep. How to extend this amazing feeling?
To realize yourself in the sleep will need to practice. To get quick results is to do the Eastern practices. This is the perfect yoga especially in terms of working on the chakras. Before sleep, tune in to what you will realize yourself in a dream. Concentrating, repeat: "Today I will be fully aware of, and monitor your sleep." Follow practices that will advise you the teachings of yogi.
Primarily during sleep, try to look at your hands. As soon as they begin to spread out, shift your gaze to another object. Concentration on one object in a dream will lead to "discarding" of lucid dreaming. People who are in lucid dream, lose it as soon as concentrate on the idea that it is a lucid dream. Over time, you will be able to stay in this dream more and more time. Hands move to browse other images in the dream. Try to call extraordinary abilities. For example, lift a stone or a car with your mind.
Over time you will learn to fully understand and control your dream. Different people to achieve success takes time. In any case, after three months of practice you will succeed.