You will need
  • Peaceful place
  • Player with headphones
To get in trance, get ready. Allow yourself the music with a straight barrel, which will help to achieve the desired state. Will suit trance or techno.
Find a place where nobody will prevent the achievement of trance. For example, a closed room or your house – any place where you feel comfortable, and where there are no distractions like phones or TV.
Relax, take a deep breath and lie down. Make sure that you are comfortable. You don't have to move, or to be in a trance will not work.
Turn on the music and while the first track try to focus on the rhythm and beats. Completely clear your mind of any distracting thoughts. To achieve this, try using visual images. For example, imagine a huge knot you need to untie, stay focused and all other thoughts leave the head yourself.
As soon as you feel that your mind is cleared, start to create new images, using bits of music. In the imagination you can paint flowering plants, which ripen to the beat of your drum beats, or any other process.
Repeat to generate a consistent image in your head. Allow the body to relax and the mind to create. And after some time your thoughts will completely disappear, and your heart rate is equalized in accordance with the rhythm of the music. So you have achieved trance. When you exit this state, you're full of energy and will feel refreshed.