Women are by nature very amorous. That is why the majority of marital betrayals. If men cheat when they want sex, the fairer sex do it when they want love. It often happens that the couple have been living in a happy marriage, but their relationship will eventually lose brightness and saturation. This couple looks quite happy and satisfied with life, but actually between them gradually growing abyss. The woman ceases to feel the love, so her emotions fade away. It was at this point in her life may appear a man who will pierce her heart with a sudden arrow of love. Everything is beautiful, bright and reckless. Family life goes according to plan, and parallel to the flourishing love.
The first time the woman is very difficult to decide on treason. It will be a long time to weigh your decision from all sides. It can take months or even years until a woman crossed the threshold of the bedroom of another man. But if a woman have committed such an act once, most likely, it will be followed by the second. Next the girl could possibly enter in a rage that every week she would come up with various excuses to leave the house and enjoy the caresses of her lover. The frequency with which changes a woman in love can not be traced. It all depends on the extent of her ingenuity and the boundaries of trust of her husband.
Unlike lovers, prudent women cheat on their husbands are much less likely. They cheating only happens on occasion.
For example, the woman wanted a new coat. And then she remembers that there is a man who is willing to pay more for her love. And she calls him and hints at a night of love in exchange for an expensive fur coat. These women cannot be called corrupt just because they are more fun to live. Introduced a variety of intimate life, returned home with new clothes, you can continue to live in peace as long as the head appear again any crazy idea for which implementation will need a rich boyfriend.
Each woman decides for herself whether she wants to remain faithful to her husband or her taste more variety. And how often to visit lover – it depends on the purposes for which it uses it. However, there are statistics that was revealed during a sociological survey on one of the women's Internet portals. The study found that 17% of women 100% still ready for marital betrayal, 70% prefer to remain faithful to his beloved, and the rest decided to refrain from the answer.