Advice 1: Why girl changes guys like gloves

Some girls not only don't know how to stay faithful to one man, but change guys like gloves. This behavior is condemned by society, but he has his reasons.
Why girl changes guys like gloves
If you are trying to understand the reason why the girl changes guys like gloves, you should understand that there are several solutions. One of these reasons is the lack of male attention. Maybe during his school years, the fairer sex is not a success among their peers, maybe they thought she's not pretty enough, not attractive. Eventually, when these girls blossom, they start to desperately to make up for the lack of attention on the part of the strong half of mankind.
Some girls are constantly changing partners, strive to increase self-esteem or even a sense of self-importance. They seduce one man after another and feel its beauty, necessity and power over the guys. With each new victim, another tick in the completion list. Affirmation - this is the goal of such behavior.
Another reason pushing girls into a new relationship, is the constant desire for new emotions, adrenaline. It is known that romance fades over time and is replaced by routine and commonplace. Not all women are willing to tolerate monotonous and boring life. That is why they easily break ties with ex-Boyfriends and looking for a new love, which, most likely, will not last long, but the emotions for the first time again will go off-scale. These girls not really needed in connection with men, they are more concerned with the feelings they will experience in the process of their conquest. Bored woman just wants to fall in love, and for her it does not matter whether this new love is mutual or not, it is important that her soul did not feel the emptiness, loneliness and indifference.
In addition, such behavior can be seen in those ladies who have fallen into despair and try in whatever was to find the perfect man. Perhaps they are ready for a serious relationship, so put a high criteria for the applicant for the role of the beloved. Unfortunately, these criteria correspond to not all representatives of the stronger sex, therefore, to find flaws in the new partner, the girl does not lose time on it, and is sent on another quest. You can't blame women for this behavior and hang on her the stigma of Gypsies, because the relationship does not necessarily imply an intimate relationship. Think, maybe, except for several dates, these young people generally did not bind.

Advice 2: Why do girls fall in love

The girl - creature is an amazing and fickle. No one knows what she might do in the next second. What then to speak about lofty matters? I break out why the girl with him such a positive, kind and sympathetic, and his friend.
Why do girls fall in love
Why girls fall in love with boys? What factors contribute to this? It is time to figure it out.1. It's time to fall in love. There comes a point when you just want someone to fall in love. She awaits the appearance of the right woman. There are certain traits that make a guy attractive: the mystique, cleverness, charisma, uniqueness, unpredictability, the ability to interest.2. The need for care and understanding. Girls - being receptive, and often they need people who will support them in any difficult situation, will choose warm and right words. Nice to receive SMS-good morning wishes, daily calls, when he asked, how are you doing and where were you the whole day. A trifle, but warms the soul. It flatters your ego.3. The pursuit of the ideal. Probably, each person has his own ideal - a certain set of qualities and external characteristics that he would like to see in your companion, therefore it happens sometimes that, not having met this man in real time, girls fall in love with actors, Directors, singers of a band - they are unattainable and perfect.4. The need for emotions. When life is steady, everything goes on as usual, there is a need of thrills. If the girl is successful, lives a stable life, it appears the need for emotion, be it happiness or mental suffering.5. Resemblance to parents. There is a kind of syndrome - a complex ELEKTRA. That is, she subconsciously distinguishes the man, like his father.6. The need for protection. Instinctively every man lies the hunter, and the woman - homemakers in need of protection.7. The inaccessibility. It happens that the girl rejects the guy, and he starts to show signs of attention another. It becomes locked and inaccessible. In this moment she realizes who she's lost, awake feelings and emotions. Perhaps in this situation, the main factors are the sense of ownership and jealousy, but the fact remains - a girl fights for her man and doesn't want to let him go.
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