First you need to learn, change men more often than women. Alas, ladies, men often think about adultery than to commit it. This is their polygamous nature to want several women at once. But man, even changing daily thoughts, which can disrupt the fidelity in reality not so often. This is due to the conformism – the man subconsciously do not want to associate myself even a fleeting affair, as this may result in the exposure and destruction of the usual way of life.
Studying a question of who is more prone to infidelity – man or woman, the researchers came to the conclusion that girls can go for adultery because of the emotions and guys are driven by only physical attraction. Of course, this is averaged data and in each pair can occur in a variety of events that will lead to treason.
What women cheat more often than men? Those who are not financially dependent on a husband or a boyfriend. The reason for the infidelity can even be a failure of men in the quarry, consequently the girl hard to respect him. Confident independent woman is easier decided to have an affair on the side, as in the case of exposure is not afraid to remain without means of subsistence. It can be concluded that the frequent female infidelity is the fruit of emancipation.
It is not known whether men cheat more often than women, but that the second cleverly hide adultery is a fact. Perhaps this is because treason can only be approached cold to the girl. She's not so bad, if the husband/boyfriend will convict her of infidelity. It is the lack of remorse and anxiety help to keep the infidelity secret.
It often happens that a woman changing herself admit it. Unlike men, who even if it is "caught on hot", is to deny the obvious. This is due to the fact that for girls the romance is love and the prospect of a new relationship, for which it is not afraid to destroy the old. But men, mostly change for the sake of momentary pleasure, their affair last for a couple of weeks. Is it worth it to leave their families or endure the tantrums of their halves.
So, the question, who is more prone to cheating, the answer is: men are polygamous in nature, so tend to new feelings and change often. The women decide to adultery under the influence of passion, not for sex. Therefore, their infidelity takes longer and often leads to rupture of relations with the same partner.