Temptations, which wives cheating on husbands

Of course, speaking about various temptations, not to mention the notorious resort novels. Warm sea, bright sun, clean air, high colors and minimal wear. In such an environment women begin to stare at men's buttocks, because that's the part of the body that attracts them in men most. Familiarity with any "object" becomes a matter of technique. And will or not, the lady in his arms and bed of love, depends on upbringing and moral character of women. In case of infidelity, women often try to justify themselves by saying that they are infatuated with romantic setting or something like that.
Such temptations are usually referred to not only a holiday romance, but also intrigue that occurs during any other trips, whether the trip to France, Italy or any other country.

Another situation where he and she met some of the motley company at the party. Both of them have families, and even happy in marriage, treason never dreamed. But that's only the "culprits" making the alcohol. Quietly drunk, decided to walk in order to recover, and somewhere in the middle of the Park, especially if it is summer, the man lost his head, because his companion is a beautiful tiny dress that accentuates all the charm of her figure, given by nature. Here is a woman without guilt, insidious treachery, although treachery-it is no, just dressed was easy and enticing like myself offered themselves to the men.

If the wife decided to change her husband, she is ready to indulge in all serious. Of course, she didn't rush on each counter-lateral, first select your victim, then seduce. A man she hardly opens, and just blatantly use it. Pity, remorse, regret - all these feelings she will experience after some time after the betrayal.
The reason for this treason may become the despair of a woman due to the negligence of her husband, due to the fact that his feelings for her have cooled down, and she was again so want to feel sexy, desirable and necessary.

Whether to forgive changed the wife

About men-the womanizer they say, so no not miss a single skirt. I wonder how similar to say about the woman of this kind? How the man would react to the betrayal of his wife if he caught her, so to speak, in the process? Most likely, the conversation will be short and specific: lover descend the stairs, and his wife not be good. Men have different temperaments and characters. One will immediately file for divorce and stop all relations with the unfaithful wife, the other scandal. But it is best to first try and talk to your wife and find out what was the reason for such action. Most likely, it will find its own explanation, and perhaps the fault of the husband is also present. To leave all the easier, but to keep the family together and the love is too difficult. No need to give up so quickly, because your feelings need to fight.