Statistics of female and male adultery

There are some statistics, according to which it was found that every third family is not faithful to his mate, and women recently trying not to give in to their husbands of infidelity. The difference between such actions lies only in the fact that 50% of girls cease relations with their spouses, but men are leaving the family to their mistresses only in 5% of cases.

If we consider more concrete statistical figures, in Russia, 21% of women have at least one relationship outside of marriage. In men, the figure is 76%. Another poll showed that 41% of women cheat on their mate, but among men, the number of unfaithful husbands is almost 61%.

Causes of female infidelity

Women change their mate, for various reasons. As a result of needs get new emotions, sensations and feelings, treason solved about 20% of girls. The boys are back in betrayal for this reason in 35% of cases.

In rare cases, people commit adultery, based on the opinion and experience of their friends and acquaintances. However, the results of such cases are negligible. In women, the figures were 1.5% and in men was 0.6%.

The lifestyle of the parents also plays an important role in the behavior of the two spouses. If mom and dad kept each other's loyalty, likelihood of infidelity by their child reaches 80%.

Another reason for female infidelity is revenge to her lover for his infidelity. Women do that in 10.3% of cases, and the percentage of male betrayal for this reason is 1.1%.

In addition, adultery can push a bad attitude or aggression your second half. 9% of women dare to commit adultery for this reason, men do it in 6% of cases.

Another incentive to marital betrayal can serve ordinary physical frustration of one of the spouses. 12.5% of women looking for satisfaction on the side, among men, the number is 8.8%.

Prolonged separation from a loved one pushes for an affair 9.6% of girls and 11.6% of boys.

10% of men and 6% of women cheat on their boyfriend or girlfriend with the aim of self-affirmation, belief in its attractiveness and uniqueness. But accidental circumstances pushed to betrayal 12% of men and 5% women.