Folic acid is quite important for the human body. It takes a large part in the metabolism of proteins, synthesis of nucleic acids, and hence in the growth process of the cells. Important role in the formation of red blood cells.

The value of folic acid during pregnancy

Good for fetal development and for growth folic acid in the body must be contained in sufficient quantities. Thanks to the numerous scientific researches in this area proved that folic acid has beneficial effects on the body, not giving rise to defects in neural tube development, and many other vices.

To synthesize this substance your own body is not capable of. This vitamin in small quantities produced bacteria of the microflora of the colon, but the daily need for vitamin, these quantities do not cover. A lot of folic acid contained in yeast; liver of birds and animals; sunflower seeds; herbs – parsley, Basil, rosemary; soy beans; green cabbage and spinach, asparagus, peanuts, beans. In some countries even have laws that require you to definitely enrich this vitamin bread products.

What you need to take medication folic acid

Despite the content of folic acid in food products, women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy, be sure to take medication with its contents. For regular use there are a number of reasons. First, it is proved the role of this vitamin in the prevention of various pathologies during fetal development. Secondly, cooking destroys part of vitamin a in our diet and so not very many products that contains folic acid. If you compare the medication, folic acid is of natural origin available less. No matter how fully was the food, it does not cover the body's need for this vitamin.

For pregnant women the recommended intake of folic acid – 0.4 mg per day. Modern drugs are usually calculated on a one-time admission during the day and in part contain just such a volume. Sometimes your doctor may find it necessary to increase the dosage of the drug.

Those women who are planning pregnancy need to start taking the vitamin in a daily dose of 0.4 mg/day. The drug must continue at the background of pregnancy. If at the planning stage of pregnancy supplementation was conducted, in the case of its occurrence start to drink vitamins be as early as possible. It is not difficult, and the benefits will be huge.