If pregnancy is planned in advance, start the intake of folic acid or vitamin B9. It is an organic compound necessary for the normal formation of the fetal brain, nervous and hematopoietic systems as well as for absorption of other vitamins. Moreover, vitamin B9 is required of the woman to preserve her health and ability to bear children before it was due. With the onset of pregnancy continue taking folic acid during the first 16 weeks and then the last two months. For optimal absorption, take it simultaneously with vitamin B12.
From the first days of pregnancy-start taking the special vitamins for pregnant women. Choose one drug from several: "Vitrum prenatal Forte", "Obscene", Pregnavit", "Elevit", "Complivit Mama", "Multi-tabs, perinatal". But don't take them throughout pregnancy. Be sure to take breaks, as any vitamins can accumulate in the body. A glut of them can cause toxic effects, which very adversely affect the fetus.
If required by the state or have a doctor's recommendation in between the courses, take vitamins separately. For example, during the first half of pregnancy useful vitamin E (not more than 2 months). You can also drink water soluble vitamins of group B. Some of them can be synthesized in the intestinal mucosa. But that this happened to maintain its normal functioning. Spend the prevention of constipation and stick to a healthy diet. Moreover, compliance with these requirements will help to assimilate and all the other vitamins.
In the second half of pregnancy significantly increases the need for calcium, iron and magnesium. So take them as separate medicines additionally, but not together and not as part of multivitamin complex. In spite of its balanced composition, the simultaneous intake of several vitamins and minerals slows the digestion of some of them. This is highly undesirable in periods when the need for those or other substances higher than usual.
For proper absorption of calcium, choose a combination with vitamins C and D in the composition. The drug also buy magnesium combined with vitamin B6. Be sure to take iron with vitamins B6 and B12.