You will need
  • nutritional zemlesmes;
  • dry citrus peel;
  • - onions;
  • - garlic;
  • - Malathion;
  • - soap solution;
  • - the spray gun;
  • coal
Subsidence listvalue to know that schefflera sheds its leaves when properly selected temperature conditions. It can be both too low and too high temperature. For example, Scheffler variegated foliage may begin to fall at temperatures below 18 degrees.If the leaves of your flower have turned brown and then fell off, but the trunk is still alive, then save sheflera is possible by grafting it. To do this, prepare nutritious zemlesmes and a new pot. Carefully cut dry branches and sprinkle the cut places of the comminuted coal. Transplant the plant by the method of handling so that its root system is not disturbed. Put the agave grows well in well-lit, warm place. You should know that water sheflera is possible only after complete drying of the soil. Fertilize - after the appearance of several layers of new leaves.
The main enemies Scheffler - scale insects, spider mites and aphids. If you encounter these pests is necessary to isolate the plant and treat the leaves with a soap solution. To deal with pests is possible by using "people" means.For control of ticks, take the garlic and slice it into slices. Carefully lay sliced on the ground around the plant so that the entire ground was covered. Take a plastic bag and put the plant on top. Secure the package in the pot with a rope or elastic bands. In order to save the plants from aphids take 100 g of dry orange peel, pour one liter of warm water and insist 3 days in a warm place. Spray the plant with this solution.In order to save the plant from scale insects it is necessary to make onion extract. Grind a medium onion and let it stand in a glass of warm water for several hours. Wash the leaves of the plant prepared mortar. Use it for spraying.For the treatment of severely damaged plants you can use Malathion. Prepare a mixture of 15 drops of Malathion in 1 litre water. Treat the plant with this medicine.
Spots on rastenievodstva spots on sheflera evidence of excess moisture and insufficient aeration of the soil. Reduce the number of irrigations and vzryhlite soil.The cause of the bright spots can also be excessive lighting. Move the plant to where the light is not so bright. Best of sheflera feels in partial shade.
You should know that the schefflera is afraid of drafts. Because of this, the edges of the leaves can become brown.
Too much watering can cause the roots of the plants will begin to rot and it will have to dry, trim, and transplant.
Dry and damaged ends of the leaves indicate a lack of humidity in the room. In this case you'll have to spray sheflera spray.