Why yellow leaves Calla lilies at home

The natural death of the leaves occurs in the autumn, when Calla is preparing for the recovery period. At this time you need to reduce watering, fertilizing and move the pot in a cool, dark place until spring. Another reason for this phenomenon is improper care. Calla prefers high humidity. That the plant is well felt often need to spray it with room temperature water from a spray bottle. If the cause of the yellowing leaves were the next hot battery, then you need to move the pot to another location.

Too bright light and direct sunlight can also cause yellowing and wilting of leaves. Improper watering when the root system is waterlogged or is too dry, Calla leaves also change color and fade. Watering with cold water may cause not only yellowing of leaves, and dieback of the root system that may cause cal will die. It will happen if the plant systematically to fill with water. To avoid this, you need to plant a Calla in a pot with drainage holes.

Another reason – the lack of nutrients in the soil, what happens when the wrong fertilizer and the depletion of the soil during prolonged cultivation of Calla lilies in the same container. To avoid this, it is necessary during the growing season every two weeks to produce fertilizing complete mineral fertilizer for flowers.

How to avoid yellowing of the leaves when growing Calla lilies in the garden

In the garden are grown in a special kind of tree that reproduces by tubers, but the requirements for cultivation of this plant remain the same. Calla is almost not damaged by pests, the composition of the soil the plant is undemanding, if to ensure the timely feeding. To avoid yellowing of the foliage, should be planted Calla lilies in easy openwork partial shade, avoiding direct sunlight on the plant, preferably on the banks of a natural or artificial pond, in conditions of high humidity.

In open ground the tubers of the Calla lilies are planted in early may, as the return of freezing is not dangerous for her. In the early to mid-September you need to dig the tubers, wash them and store in perforated paper bags at a temperature of +2-5C. If it is not possible to provide such conditions, you can grow Calla in the container, so as not to dig up the tubers, but keep them at zero temperature. In this case, plants are better preserved. Recommended every two to three years to replant the Calla in fresh soil, transplanting in this emerging kids.

Selecting varieties Calla lilies, acclimatized to Russian conditions, it is possible to enjoy the blooms of this wonderful plant for years, if you provide him with suitable growing conditions.