Since dieffenbachia is a tropical plant, it is used to the high humidity environment. But not for nothing that the phrase "tropical plant" refers to a particular sensitivity and moodiness to the conditions of detention and care. To water the dieffenbachia should be very moderate. Before watering, you must make sure that the soil is already dry after the previous watering. Take a long, thin sliver and stick it in a pot with soil if it stays dry, without adhering to the land, pour the flower water pooled at room temperature.
After watering, wait 15-20 minutes and drain without a trace all the water that builds up in the pan. To leave her not so that the plant roots do not rot. In the spring and summer irrigation should be done quite often, in winter less frequently. Constantly ensure that the drain hole of the pot is not clogged and if necessary clean it.
Spray the plant every day on both sides of a sheet of spray. The leaves also need to be wiped with a damp soft cloth and a mixture of non-alcoholic beer with water to form a grey haze and smudges from dried water drops.