Natural causes dropping of the leaves

The leaves may turn yellow due to natural causes. The foliage of ficus (depending on the form of a tree) lives up to three years. After that, the leaves begin to die. Usually the process affects the lower leaves of the trees. This happens in order to redirect the life juices of the young leaves. However, if the leaves turn yellow EN masse, the problem is different.

If the leaves fall in large quantities, it can be a reaction to a changing environment. Plants can survive the stress, as all living organisms. So if the leaves start to turn yellow and fall off after transplanting, there are two possible explanations. Either something went wrong, you made mistakes when transplanting plants (that was a bad substrate, used too big a pot, watered the plants after transplanting), or ficus just not yet adapted to the new conditions. In this case, you need to give the flower some time for adaptation.
If conditions in your ficus is close to perfect, and the foliage is still yellow, examine the plant on the subject of pests. If you found them, buy a special tool.

Watering and terms of placing the ficus

Some figs are quite sensitive to the change of location. If the ficus began to sulk and drop leaves after moving to a new place, will have to return him to where he was standing. Especially if the new place of light smaller than the old one. It is important to monitor the condition of the ficus, if you brought from somewhere.
Most often, the yellowing of the leaves of ficus due to incorrect watering.

Cause yellowing of leaves can improper watering. They do not require and do not like too abundant watering. It is important to wait for complete drying of the earth and then irrigating. To check the status of the land, use a thin wooden stick.

If you filled in a ficus, the leaves turned yellow, do not water the plant for two weeks. If the yellowing process is not stopped, the plant needs to be transplanted. And before transplantation need to trim all decayed root fragments, which are the cause of yellowing.

Mass yellowing of leaves can be caused by conditions of Fig. This plant prefers bright, warm room, and on ficus should not be exposed to direct sunlight. This plant does not like drafts and can respond to it by dropping leaves. It is not necessary to place the ficus near the fan or radiator, as this leads to serious temperature fluctuations that adversely affects the plant.