The first reason for the beginning of the dry leaves, you can assume it is dry air. Humidity is probably the main problem for all gardeners, and especially sharply it is felt in the heating winter period. For many water-loving plants, including Spathiphyllum for the insufficient spraying and bathing in the shower, as these measures cannot replace the moist air. The tips of the leaves wither in winter, likely because of this, and although it's not too dangerous for the plants in most cases, dry ends very ugly. The problem can be solved by putting a pot with a Spathiphyllum in a wide and shallow pan, and the empty space to fill first, pebbles or gravel, laid on top of the moss. The water will evaporate out much more slowly and flower will feel better. But this method has side effects: in constantly wet moss can be got flies or rot and mold.
Dry tips of leaves of Spathiphyllum can appear from inadequate watering, as this plant does not tolerate drought. But before watering, be sure to check the soil in the pot, isn't it too wet without it. As too much water is also harmful for any flower, especially if the pot is not provided in the drain hole and the excess water builds up on the bottom. Drought the roots die, drying up, and from the Gulf and stagnant water the roots will rot. In fact, in another case, the flower will have a long time to recover. Dried flower watered enough, and filled, it is desirable to remove from the pot, inspect the roots and remove all rotten, and then transplanted into the soil with normal moisture.
The direct sun rays rare plants looking forward to it, especially in the hot summer heat. Spathiphyllum as shade-loving and moisture-loving flower, responds to direct hot sun very bad. Yellowing tips of the leaves may be a reaction to the sunlight. In this case, it is necessary to remove the plant in the shade as quickly as possible, and 2-3 days to monitor his condition. If not dry a very large number of leaves and flower is alive, you can spray it to prevent Appin. Once is often enough, you will need to spend at least 5-6 procedures, alternating every other day. After this care the plant should recover growth and health.
From about October to February, the plant is at rest, slowing growth and all other metabolic processes. If you start to fertilize Spathiphyllum or transplanted as a result, he may start to dry the leaves, as the active actions at this time are contraindicated. Fertilize flower at this time also is not necessary, as the procedure will do more harm than good.