You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - the text of the book.
On the Internet there are special portals that allow budding authors to publish their creations. One of the most "hyped" of websites on this subject is It is perfect for those writers who spetsializiruyutsya prose. A key feature of this portal is that it protects your copyright in a work with a special certificate. Recently, the administration of the website offers authors to publish their works (or its fragments) in various collections. Such participation is paid, thanks to a special calculator, you can calculate how much it might cost you is a pleasure. For poets there is a similar website with similar features –
To publish your books, you can also use the electronic libraries. In the interfaces of some of them, you can find the option "Add work", in particular, this is quite acceptable on the website For this you will need to register on this portal, which is one of the most widely read in the Russian Internet. The reviews here rarely leave, but being the author, you can be sure that the work will find its readers.
Some sites go even further and allow their authors to sell their books. Including Of course, to sell their work at market prices thus will fail but receive a small income is possible. It should be noted that 5% from each book will have to pay the website a fee for the opportunity to publish the material. We shouldn't fear this because the books sold out rather actively. The author will need to create a good description of their work, and to intrigue readers, then the chances to sell your manuscript will be quite high.