One of the mechanisms of protection of copyright law is the Deposit of works in an organization. Most often it is done in the Russian author's society. Authors need to remember that this mechanism is not a government registration of their rights to the work, but plays only a supporting role in the protection of copyright. The majority of producers prefer to work with authors whose musical work deposited in RAO, this is the only advantage which is given to the author when working with the organization. For greater reliability you should use the services of a notary. He should provide printouts of text and musical notation for assurance, copies of the document or the time of their delivery.
Authors can use the mechanism of fixing the date of appearance of works. In the event of disputes, the advantage will go to those who provide, evidence of an earlier date of writing than the competitors. For example, you can bring in witnesses, to sing them my new song. In cases of litigation they will be able to testify about the due date of your music. Another way is to send yourself an email with the notes for the songs and keep the envelope without opening it. In this case the proof is the stamp with the postmark. This procedure can be done by e-mail and letter to keep on the mail server.
Following a good method of proof of authorship of the work – publication in the magazine, the newspaper. As in the previous cases, the proof is the date of publication. Recently widely covered by the electronic Deposit of the copyright. When the originator electronically sends the work, the service automatically endorse the time of receipt of the song digital signature. Sometimes these services are supported by a certificate on paper.