Advice 1: What is the parchment in cooking and than it can be replaced

For modern Housewives, a host of handy devices, which considerably facilitate their work. These include, for example, parchment paper - this simple device helps in the manufacture of baking and beyond.
What is the parchment in cooking and than it can be replaced
Parchment is a special kind of paper which is moisture and grease. Its use prevents food from burning to the bottom of the pan or form for baking. Using parchment paper sometimes prepare cold items – it maintains the integrity preparing meals. Externally resembles parchment wrapping paper brown, grey or white.

In the modern manufacture of parchment paper to the baking sheet and even silicone. Turns out the product is very high quality, which tolerates a fairly high temperature, does not crackle under their influence; does not change shape when boiled; does not lose strength when exposed to moisture. Among the population parchment paper for baking in high demand.

Why the need for parchment paper

The parchment is widely used in cooking – it is used in bakery technology, and for the preparation of home-made confectionery. Parchment paper make baking sheets and shape, spread them on the pastry, then placed in the oven. Heat-resistant paper with a special coating can be purchased in hardware stores.

Using parchment paper is convenient to roll out the dough. On a baking sheet then transferred directly into the paper – like layer test remains intact. It is also used as interlayer floor for baking. But this paper should not be used for cooking which emit a lot of liquid – the material simply melted. It is appropriate to take the foil.

How can I replace parchment paper

Parchment paper can be easiest to apply production processes which involve a variety of additives like sulfuric acid. Also in the sale is a heat-resistant parchment paper coated with silicone. But even the best hostess can come a time when the hand was not a simple parchment or with a silicone coating. You have to use something else.

The cheapest option to replace parchment paper – tracing the drawing. But because of the intricacies of tracing is not a good option. It will not be used for a long time – it can soak in and spread across the form, and then stick to the product. But it is suitable for making products from sand or dough, cheesecakes, especially if you lubricate it with oil.

The ordinary notebook the leaves can also be used as baking paper – they should be well greased with oil. Also successfully replaced the parchment with a special foil for baking.

Advice 2: What can replace baking paper

The purpose of baking paper, that is paper for baking – protection forms or tray from sticking of baked goods. With its use no need to wash kitchen utensils after baking is finished.
What can replace baking paper
Baking paper can be used for baking, and for making cold confections, such as cheesecake, without baking or tiramisu. Vystlannye paper forms not only reduces the effort required to wash the dishes, and helps keep the product integrity.

Use baking paper

Greaseproof paper can be used not only in the manufacture of bakery and confectionery products, but also in order to cook in the oven for any other products. Paper with a heat-resistant layer of silicone can be used to reheat pastries or other prepared foods in a microwave oven. It should not be used only in the case when the food in the baking process allocate a lot of juice. Paper in a large amount of fluid will drip, so for these dishes is better to use foil.

On baking paper to roll the dough out into a thin pellet and transfer the product into the oven directly on it is very convenient as when you migrate the product will maintain integrity. Some of the types of cookie dough rolled out only with the use of baking paper, placing the dough between two paper layers.

How can I replace the baking paper

Instead of baking paper can be used and other materials. The most inexpensive of them – the usual drawing tracing paper. This thin transparent paper which is use as a substitute of baking paper it is possible only in a pinch. Tracing fragile and quickly gets wet, may stick to the products during the baking process. It is suitable only for sand, yeast, cold pastry with a little humidity.

Another option is parchment, smooth thick brown paper. Thanks to a special impregnation, it is plastic and resistant to moisture and high temperatures. The parchment paper absorbs the fat and can be used for cooking fat cakes, which is due to the properties of the paper less lose its shape.

Parchment with a thin coating of silicone can be called the most popular substitute of baking paper. This paper does not stick to the products, does not absorb fat, moisture, additional lubrication is not needed. They can use for various baking, and for cooking dishes of meat or fish.

"Silicon paper" from the parchment differs in that she has a silicone layer a little thicker. You can buy it in sheets.

Advice 3: What can replace the tracing paper when baking

Tracing paper for baking applies to the cooking accessories that are consumed quickly and at the right time will never be on hand. If the dough is on the way, and tracing paper in the house was not, it is possible to find a replacement for her with the help of improvised means.
What can replace the tracing paper when baking
To make the pastry from sticking to the form and not burnt, you can try to smear it with butter or margarine and sprinkle with flour, breadcrumbs or semolina. For most special forms for baking of ceramics, metal, nonstick, or glass of such a boundary layer between the test and the bottom is enough to make the finished cake easy to remove. You can also choose options with removable sidewalls or use silicone forms, products which are removed without any difficulty and for which no drilling required rubber stamp.
Silicone generally very comfortable material, replacing a kitchen fixture. For example, if we are talking about the cakes of thick dough that holds its shape, it can be spread on a baking sheet covered with silicone Mat instead of tracing paper. Grease a rug oil is not necessary. Cakes never stick. Silicone mats are also useful for the preparation of pastries, for example, for rolling dough. The silicone layer will not allow the product to burn, because this material is heated not strongly, but steadily kept warm.
If the hand was not modern science refer to popular traditions. Housewives of the older generation often used instead of oiled tracing paper sheets. It could be writing paper or notebook sheets. If it's primality sunflower oil, the paper becomes supple, elastic and easily accepts any form. To remove cakes from this paper is quite simple. Waxed paper is often used in baking of Easter cakes and various cupcakes.
To replace the vellum in some cases, you can and foil. The dough should be spread on the shiny side of tinfoil. If after baking the product is not removed, then allow it to cool and then remove foil.
If there is a sleeve for baking, which is a package of crispy, transparent plastic, you can try to replace them with tracing paper. Initially, the sleeve is recommended for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, but experience shows that he can cope with pastries worse. However, before you place the dough, should be lubricated with a small amount of oil.
Useful advice
Hot cakes are always poorly removed from the mold. Before you get the finished cake, allow it to cool slightly.

Advice 4: How to use parchment in the oven

Parchment is paper that has been processed in a special way. It does not require lubrication, does not stick to food, does not absorb fat, and if desired, a single sheet of paper can be used repeatedly. Often it is used to cook food in the oven.
How to use parchment in the oven
The parchment resembles the wrapping paper – a smooth, dense, the color of which can be white or brown. It is made from paper that is impregnated with special compounds and acquires as a result of the many useful properties. It turns out the fine material, which is plastic, resistant to moisture and temperature. The parchment absorbs the fat which secrete bake products in it. It is not destroyed by boiling, excellent resistant to high temperature, and in the case of wet loses strength.
Try to cook food in the oven in a pan, zastelil her bottom with parchment paper. This method is suitable for gas cookers and electric, but high temperature in the oven should not be done. Food cooked in the parchment will not burn.
Bake cookies, zastelil a baking sheet with parchment paper, the cakes will be grilled evenly, it is better to keep the form. For decoration glaze cooled cookies as a pastry bag to use the same sheet on which the cookie was baked. When baking cakes from meringue there is nothing stronger than the parchment does not stick to it the bottom of the cakes, and integrity of product when removing from the form saved.
Bake pastry stuffed with certainly on the parchment. If the filling is spilled, cakes or cookies may stick to the pan, remove them in this case is quite difficult. With parchment to do this will be much easier.
Place intended for baking the bread on parchment paper for proofing. When the time comes to send the bread in the oven, on a baking sheet, you can move it right on the parchment. It perfectly withstands high temperatures necessary to obtain a well baked bread.
Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper, if you're going to bake something in the oven. Vegetables placed on the parchment, perfectly cook, and the dishes then do not even need to launder. You can do it even easier – wrap in parchment pieces of meat, fish or chicken, add vegetables, parcels lay on a baking sheet or in a deep pan. In the "shirt" of parchment, the food is much tastier in the cooking process manages to preserve a maximum of useful substances.
To use parchment it is possible not only to cook food in the oven. Put the products on a sheet of parchment, all is well wrap, the edges of the package, fasten with needle and thread and put the package in boiling water. Vegetables, meat or fish will receive a steam treatment.
Useful advice
To portions of the products stacked in the freezer, do not stick together wrap them up in parchment. When you want to cook the dinner, do not need long to thaw one large piece to be cut. You'll just get little parcels from the freezer, unwrap them, and then you can start cooking.
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