Soda and vinegar

Soda dampen for the reason that in its original form it has a rather unpleasant soapy taste. When cooking pancakes it is possible to repay with the help of dairy products and boiling water – but with the cookie dough such methods are not, therefore, as a replacement mistress began to be used for damping of 9% vinegar. As a result, the soda under the influence of acidic environment begins to actively secrete carbon dioxide, giving the cakes the porosity and fluffiness.

In addition to vinegar for damping soda you can also use a small amount of fresh lemon juice.

Some professional chefs recommend not to extinguish soda with vinegar – this practice emerged spontaneously from the myth that the damping of soda should occur in the reaction with something acidic. To prepare the dough, which will be prepared pastries, it is desirable to dampen the soda with honey, which, despite its sweet taste, has an acidic pH reaction, which is enough for damping soda baking powder. To properly knead the dough, first mix the soda with the dry baking ingredients, and liquid ingredients – mix with the acid in the vinegar, honey, yogurt or lemon juice. Then the dough is mixed quickly in both mixtures and then baked.

Method of quenching vinegar

When choosing vinegar for damping soda you need to remember that improper execution of this method will provide minimal benefit in loosening test. Many Housewives poured soda in a teaspoon and drop vinegar – all reaction for releasing carbon dioxide out into the air, not managing to get into the dough. To avoid this, you must immediately pour it repaid soda with bubbles to those residues that do not have time to react with 9% vinegar, gave the desired porosity and fluffiness.

Unpleasant taste outstanding minimal soda into the cooled pastry, but very noticeable in the hot products.

In addition, the intensity of the taste of soda in baking depends on precision of the dosage – few weighing used ingredients using electronic scales, preferring to measure them "by eye". Correct dosage for damping should be ¼ teaspoon soda and ¼ teaspoon of vinegar, after mixing, shall at once be introduced into the dough until bubbles are gone into the void. Thus, when the right technology add slaked soda baking will always be light, porous, smooth and beautiful.