The vital functions of the fetus is wholly dependent on the umbilical cord and placenta. All the nutrients and oxygen delivered to the baby from the mother's bloodstream, as a result of all that is in the mother's blood, absorbed by the fetus. There are a number of drugs, is contraindicated in pregnancy because they can harm future baby. Especially dangerous is the first trimester, because during this period is the process of laying of all organs of the child. Therefore, if you suspect the presence of pregnancy before taking medications, consult your doctor.
Women position absolutely contraindicated antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and hormonal drugs. The less chemical compounds get into the body of the mother, the better the child. Therefore, in this period, is preferable to natural medicines, herbs and other folk methods of treatment. It should be borne in mind that the herbs have adverse side effects, so before applying them do consult a doctor.
The caffeine and tannin lead to excessive stimulation of the nervous system of the child, subsequently leading to hyperactivity and restlessness of the baby.
Tranquilizers can provoke the development of various abnormalities, but to date, developed a more modern version specifically designed for pregnant women.
Aspirin at high dose can cause internal bleeding in the baby or miscarriage.
Oral contraceptives can also cause miscarriage.
Phenacetin has a harmful effect on the kidneys of the fetus, contributing to their abnormal development.
Different types of antibiotics have different effects on the body of the child, they can trigger deafness, jaundice, diseases of the heart and kidneys, as well as bad effect on the future condition of the teeth of the baby.
Antihistamines cause various growth abnormalities of the fetus, but there are modern safe for pregnant means.
Cortisone affects the fetus and the condition of the placenta, it can cause the birth of a dead child or he free from such defects as cleft palate.
Progesterones cause genetic abnormalities in girls, threatening them in the future infertility.
Cyclisation softens your baby's bones, making them fragile. Also with great caution you to take antiemetics and laxatives can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.