Almost anyone, even the most innocuous, infectious disease may cause a failure in the development of any vital organ or system. It is fraught with miscarriage and the birth of weak, painful kid. During pregnancy it is quite difficult to protect yourself from colds and flu. For that, it is advisable to take time off from professional activities, during viral epidemics to stop to visit places of a mass congestion of people. However, even this does not give an absolute guarantee to protect yourself from the appearance of ailments. Therefore, if you got sick during pregnancy, measures should be taken.
First and foremost, visit a physician and start treatment under his supervision. SARS, influenza is a disease that appears as a result of penetration of viruses in the body. Thus, to eliminate them, you need to use antiviral drugs.
Which of them can be taken during pregnancy? "Viferon" — antiviral agent, which is available in various forms. Pregnant women are recommended to use rectal suppositories. They strengthen the immune system, and does not have a negative impact on the kidneys and liver of the expectant mother.
"Allocation" is a homeopathic antiviral drug, which is produced in the granules. According to some experts, in the treatment of colds with the help of this tool, its effectiveness is comparable to placebo effect. However, many say that it is antiviral to them really helps.
"Anaferon" is kind of a harmless drug, as this medicine is homeopathic in origin. During pregnancy it is often prescribed as antiviral agents. However, the impact of this drug on the fetus to date, still not well understood. And therefore should either accept it with caution or choose another antiviral drug for pregnant women.
Local antiviral, anti-inflammatory throat sprays and drops. A category of antiviral drugs is the most preferred in pregnancy because local funds are not so harmful for a developing fetus as drugs that an expectant mother takes inside.
What antiviral can be taken in your case, should solve your doctor. In no case should not self-medicate. Loved by many "Arbidol" is contraindicated in pregnancy, however, like many other drugs. Some of them can affect the genetic core of the cells, which is very undesirable for the fetus.
As a preventive means, it is best to use herbal preparations. Eat onions garlic (in small amounts), make it a rule every day to eat a few spoons of natural honey with honeycomb. An excellent preventive measure against viral diseases are the decoctions of herbs chamomile, raspberry, lime color. Before using a particular herb, determine if it is appropriate to use during pregnancy. For example, nettle and mother-and-stepmother preferably at the time of the fees to exclude.