You will need
  • - clothes for cleaning
  • - rubber gloves
  • mask
  • - bleach
  • - 3 % hydrogen peroxide
  • - 80 g of monochloramine
Every week we vacuum the carpets, remove dust, wash floors, wash things. While doing the cleaning uses different products and powders that facilitates disinfection. All disinfectants isolated derivatives of chlorine and oxygen. Harmful bacteria die when released into the environment, but our health chlorine is also harmful.
If there is a need of disinfection, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Special attention should be paid to allergic reactions to some components of disinfectants.
For disinfection of premises used monochloramine. They can wash the floor, the sink and the toilet, wash the dishes, wash them with lingerie and toys. For conducting wet cleaning, 80 g of the substance must be dissolved in 25 l of water. Mix thoroughly and use a solution of monochloramine by appointment.
Bleach is a very effective disinfectant. Used for cleaning of cesspools, toilets, and also has the property of bleaching linen.
Hydrogen peroxide is used for disinfecting or whitening. For solution preparation it is necessary to heat the water to 60 degrees and add 3 % hydrogen peroxide (1 Cup of bleach per 10 liters of water). This solution was boiled linen, gently stirring with a wooden stick.
It should be remembered that when carrying out disinfection should wear rubber cleaning gloves, special clothes and a mask for respiratory protection.
A solution of each substance should be done only in the presence of the user. After the General cleaning, to ventilate the room for 45 minutes.