Before proceeding to the processing shed, it must be free from household equipment. If the premises are Pets, you should clean up the garbage, manure, litter, and uneaten food. The walls and floor mechanically cleaned of contaminants. To prevent the formation of dust when cleaning, barn sprayed with water or a liquid disinfectant. Wood floors of the barn are recommended to be washed with warm water and after drying to sostrugivat the top layer of wood. If in the barn, cattle top layer of soil under the floor is removed. Debris and other material that might be infected, taken to the limits of the village, and then buried in the ground or burned, safety precautions. After carrying out the described activities go to the proper disinfection of the shed. Prevention it is recommended to Supplement the mechanical cleaning of the irrigation walls and floors with a disinfectant solution. This treatment helps prevent and eliminate infectious diseases. Guide the treatment of the room by appropriate means. Located in the barn items and design elements of the room bathe with a disinfectant solution. The processing time in the room, open doors and Windows, if any. Detrimental effect on the pathogens of infectious diseases sunlight and drying. Treat wooden objects by burning them with a blowtorch, and then annealed the surface of the wood slightly astrogate. Recommended similarly annealed cemented and plastered surfaces of the shed. Clothing, materials, fabrics, and metal objects will boil the soda solution for about an hour. This hot treatment is able to remove the persistent infection. Use in disinfection of household premises chemical means, for example, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride, slaked lime. Drugs should be prepared in such quantity that they sufficed for one day of work because of a mixture of lose a useful disinfectant properties. Treatment of the room spend two or three times at intervals of one and a half to two hours. Use the barn by appointment only after its complete drying.