Advice 1: How to bring the fungus under the floor in a wooden house?

When spores get into the house, they can start to multiply in the comfortable humid environment. Fungus cannot be removed with normal cleaning. But you can win it, as well as prevent new ones from occurring.
Fungus under the floor can harm the health of people
The nature of some types of mould are eating away the biological waste. But mold in the house can cause a lot of damage in the first place the health of its inhabitants. If the fungus began to multiply under the floor of your wooden house, you have to eliminate the cause, bring the fungus, and then to change sex.
In the world there are about 100,000 types of mold fungus. And for good reason. If not fungal bacteria, the world would be mired in a pile of trash.

Clearing a room

Leave clean shoes affected by fungus on the outside of the room so as not to spread spores around the apartment or house when you enter and exit the room.
Always dispose of easily replaceable items, which had traces of mold.

Remove all home accessories. Take uninfected subjects in a clean place. Affected by fungus items put in garbage bags. Seal and take out the garbage at the street.

Fold the clothes, wash the carpets and furniture in the sun. They should be treated later.

Sealing and ventilation of the room

Seal the room affected by mold, covering the door tight film. Will prekratite film nails or glue tape. Open the window in the room to ventilate the room. Put on the windowsill fan and turn it on. You can also place a fan on the floor, pointing to the window. Direct it to the affected areas to disputes was not up in the air.

Removing the coating from the floor

Tear off a plinth in the infected area. Sometimes in the rooms is intermediate the baseboard. It too should be removed. Remove everything in the room flooring. If you are sure that the mold was struck by only a small section of the floor, you can just open it and 35-70 cm in circumference around him. Get ready to shoot more coverage if you find mold somewhere else.

Depending on the type of flooring you need to start it to shoot as accurately as possible. If the floor is parquet and the like, start in the corner of the room. If the room is upholstered with carpet, tear it off along with the tamping boards. Cut the linoleum with the help of scraper and encourage him. Spray water on the moldy areas so that the fungus could not evaporate. Carpet, linoleum and similar coverings should be discarded. Inspect floorboards or wood floors. If they have no traces of mold, they can be postponed while processing the affected by the fungus zones.

Treatment of moldy surfaces

Mix 1 Cup borax with 4 litres of water in a large bucket. Pour the solution in a plastic bottle with a sprayer to treat small areas. Large areas should be treated with the help of mops and brushes. Blot with a liquid floor. Wait 10 to 15 minutes. Scrape the floor with a brush. Again blot it with a solution. Repeat all again.

If necessary, edit the floorboard with the same solution. Vacuum the floor thoroughly to remove the dead fungus. Sprinkle on the floor and cover some more of the solution. Leave to dry for 1-2 days. To treated areas dry faster, turn on the heater or air conditioning.

After drying, the surfaces of the drill will prevent the reappearance of mold. Replace the flooring and the baseboard.
Before making damaged goods, back into the house, treat them with a solution of borax.

Advice 2: Wood fungus: prevention and methods of struggle

Fungus (wood bugs) removes from a standing log houses, bathhouses, sheds and other structures made of wood. The emergence of bark beetle and furniture grinders will not go unnoticed: on the surface appear cotton-like education, like someone pulled a thin transparent thread. Affected by fungus wood becomes dark, loose, appears many cracks. Within 6-8 months the fungus is able to destroy planks, beams, and other parts of the structure.
Wood fungus: prevention and methods of struggle

Prevention of dry rot

To prevent mildew and unpleasant consequences of his activities, and regularly airing the room.

Fungus loves moisture, so the room need to heat, avoid moisture (e.g., leaking under heavy rains the roof – a reason for the fungus development).

Regularly paint the wooden surface. Wood can be treated and special antiseptic.

How to deal with fungus

Another way to protect the wood from fungus – mix of brass and iron sulfate in hot water (50 grams per liter of hot water). To treat the wood to this hot solution. Can we add the clay: the resulting creamy mass is treating the affected areas.

It is necessary to distinguish the work of bark beetle and beetles - furniture grinders. The first strike in wet wood. The advice here is: rather bring it in dry condition.

The second infest dry wood (furniture, walls). To prevent furniture grinders once a month treated surface (wooden floor, furniture legs) with turpentine. Regular cleaning with household chemicals also prevents harmful bugs.

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