Advice 1: General cleaning of the apartment: where to begin

In a dirty house with dusty shelves and unwashed dishes can't be comfortable and cozy. Sweeping the floor and unfolding a clean and ironed clothing, that is small daily things, not take too much time. But when it's time for General cleaning, many Housewives are discouraged.
General cleaning of the apartment: where to begin
Before you pick up a MOP and a rag, assess the extent of the "tragedy" and stock up on everything that will facilitate your work. Adjust the bag to collect dust in vacuum cleaner, buy cleaning supplies, if you are not sure that the old stock enough. Forget about the fact that life in the most efficient way to wash Windows was the newspaper. In any supermarket there are many miracle cloth microfiber, which will make glass and mirrors clean just a couple of minutes.

Classic General cleaning

To restore perfect clarity to the mind. We must start with the search assistants. Call for help all tenants. First, it will significantly reduce the time of cleaning, and secondly, will be a great family entertainment. There is another secret: things that seem very necessary, for other members of the family are garbage (from the side we see). They will not pour out when you dispose of the jeans which 10 years are in the closet.

Assistants you will need to very first and the main stage – getting rid of junk. Take a couple large garbage bags, put them in the middle of the room. Start to sort through all that reaches. Cracked plates and cups with broken handles, unpaired socks, empty boxes of shoes and bags with a broken handle or a torn lining – all this without regret, put them into the main garbage bag. Clothing that still looks good, but out of fashion or has become small, collect the second package. The third package send unwanted books and toys. The first package to take it to the dumpster, and the second and third – to the nearest Church, a shelter or charitable organization.

The second stage is the actual cleaning. In getting rid of junk the kids are great helpers. As for the rest – the worst enemies of order. While you're scrubbing the floors in one room, in another they may stain the carpet colors. Yes, and they will distract you constantly. Therefore, it is recommended to send the children to walk in the yard, and of the assistants to leave the man. On the shoulders of your companion cleaning will be screwing the shelves, rearrange the furniture (temporary), and similar things that require physical strength.

Cleaning should begin with a room with a balcony. It was on the balcony, as a rule, most of the debris and dust. Then comes the turn of the bedrooms and children's rooms. Last cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. However, the owner may prefer another procedure for cleaning. It all depends on the degree of contamination of the room and personal habits.

General cleaning includes many steps. Try to combine classes. While defrosting the refrigerator, you can bring order in cereals and spices (don't forget to wipe down the shelves in cupboards). If you already put it in the car the curtains and started the wash, immediately start washing Windows and window sills.

Do not forget every hour to do a 5-minute break, otherwise you'll get tired and won't bring spring cleaning to the end.

General cleaning system the Fly Lady

In recent years, many Housewives began to use the system Lady fly, which allows you to keep the house clean without spending a lot of time. So cleaning does not become a tedious and physically exhausting exercise, divide the whole apartment into zones. For example, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, bedroom, living room (common room), balcony and corridors. On cleaning one area, take a whole week, but to work on the cleanliness should be 15-30 minutes per day. After 5 weeks in your house will remain junk, it will Shine with purity. And most importantly – you never have to spend all weekend cleaning, because the maintenance of order in the apartment you will get used to spend only 15 minutes every day.

Advice 2 : How to make General cleaning

You always want to live in a cozy clean home, so occasionally I need to carry out General cleaning. Modern industry provides a lot of helpers in the form of various machinery and appliances, and household chemicals. However, the principal remains the owner, and no one better for the job.
How to make General cleaning
Detach the window and place in the house where there are blinds, curtains. Assemble everything you need for washing: curtains, linens, and other. Loosen the racks with clothing, all the shelves wipe with a damp cloth again gently fold into place and hang the clothes on hangers.
Download cooked stuff in the washing machine, you may have several tabs of washing, which in the cleaning process will need to control. Start washing window curtains. Prepare a large trash bag which fold the end-of-century stuff, selected from the cabinets, gathered in the bedroom, nursery, etc.
Take a special brush for cleaning cobwebs and other dirt on the ceiling, the corners, behind cabinets, etc. Go with him all the rooms, look in all the corners, remove dust. If there is no brush, you can use an ordinary broom, MOP etc.
Clean vacuuming upholstered furniture and carpets. If there is contamination, remove using household chemicals. Roll to roll carpet. Walk carefully vacuum the walls to remove accumulated dust.
Go and RUB the furniture prepared by the special funds for cleaning. Wash the Windows throughout the apartment, mirrors, chandeliers, sconces and more. Wash floors in finished rooms. Expand the carpet.
Tutuila and hang in place of curtains, if by this time ended their Laundry service. Put clean linens on the beds.
Open all the cabinets, the refrigerator in the kitchen, all the unnecessary content delete in a trash bag, and the rest, after cleansing and washing, put in its place. Rinse the cabinets and all the items on the outside with household chemicals, dissolving dirt, grease removing odors. Wash the floor with.
Will continue to restore order in the hallway. General cleaning of hallway, the corridor provides the same sequence. Wash the floor with.
Clean with household chemicals toilet room. Finish the Laundry and start cleaning the bathroom. Well to be disinfected, walls, tub and floor with a disinfectant and removes odors means. Clean the walls, floor and tub from dirt and plaque.
Remove the washed linen in its place, if the washing machine has dryer function and the room is ready after washing. Hang clean towels in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Advice 3 : How to quickly and efficiently restore order in the apartment

Cleaning the house often goes by the wayside and not enough time. Tired after work, children who throw toys and provide an enduring state of chaos, husband, socks which always lie in the same wrong place – all this prevents a stable clean order. How to clean house quickly and efficiently, spending the minimum effort?
How to quickly and efficiently restore order in the apartment

Plan cleaning first you need to develop a plan for cleaning the apartment. As in any other activity, planning is organizing the human and reduces the time to a minimum. There are a few main effective clean-up of the apartment. Let's look at each of them. 1. General cleaning. It will have to sacrifice a whole day of your life. Buy the necessary cleaning products, sponges and brushes. Start with washing the Windows and cleaning furniture. Then you can dust and Polish furniture. The last step in cleaning is washing the floors. It is desirable to add water to the powder to eliminate odors is better to clean the surface of the floor. Unable to connect to the General cleaning of the entire family. For incentive you can offer to anyone after a cleaning to go to the cafe or cinema. This is a good reason to quickly finish cleaning. 2. Phased cleaning. Suitable for people who come back late from work and have a minimum of free time. On this cleaning takes an average of 15-30 minutes a day, and the result will not keep itself waiting. In a staged cleaning is necessary to restore order in turn in each room, or to devote time to a specific activity, for example, washing floors or folding things in the closet. How to keep order? It seems like yesterday we cleaned out his room, and today it is again like after the RAID of the monkeys. What should I do? As a "creative disorder" to convert to "linear orderliness"? First and foremost, try not to make a mess. This simple advice will help avoid confusion. If you see that thing is not in place, do not be lazy to take it to where it should be. Don't wait for General cleaning. Thus, it will be easier to keep clean throughout the day. Teach your children to put their toys in place and clean up after themselves after eating. Soon you will notice that it is convenient and comfortable. Try to organize a life in such a way that the need for frequent cleaning has disappeared by itself.

Advice 4 : Planning of cleaning in the house – the family pledge agreement

Woman by nature is meant to restore and keep order in the house. But sometimes she needs to rethink their approach to housekeeping, to not feel like a Hercules and not break on this occasion to the loved ones. Changing the tactics to restore order, you can learn to do everything without sacrificing personal time and fun.
Planning of cleaning in the house – the family pledge agreement

Household you can maintain easily and economically if it is to plan, plan to target. We all know what does the word "economy" is the successful management of the home. In the modern world people rely on intuition and experience, at least for some patterns.

The household is enormous and immense as life itself. The house is a reflection of its owners, it requires constant attention. So the problem is not absorbed, we must learn to crush to pieces the household chores and to pursue them with joy and ease. Much depends on my mood, from rationality. It is impossible to be a woman workhorse that, trying not to hear criticism, it's just distracting from the forces in restoring order in the house. Then will come the hatred of the household and its management is a burden, and will certainly be draining negativity on others.

When this appears and how to avoid negativity? Creating a kind good mistress, a woman constantly rubs and vacuuming, brings cleanliness to the detriment of their interests, it all comes to a neurosis on the basis of the household, destroying the psyche and life balance. The house need not for show, but for myself, need to find new ways to maintain order.

It is useful to divide the area into parts and every week to do only one and not all at once. Things should be place, and unnecessary and old – for recycling. When the house is a minimum of stuff to keep it clean is very simple. Housing is not a Museum, people living in it, leave traces of disorder, we must learn to take it easy. The most reasonable every day to devote to cleanliness and order about 15 minutes, no need to stretch the pleasure for more than an hour. Fatigue will only irritation and hatred.

You clocking your activity timer, pawing at the shelf, in the wardrobe Department. Rest – next time. Planning, cleaning small portions will benefit and will cause a good mood, and will keep the nervous system.

In the kitchen, bathroom and toilet after your stay, leave clean these places will not have again to return to them. Most often in the kitchen to wash the plate when she's not dirty you can just wipe it with a napkin. Also needs attention is the refrigerator. The family should all have their duties, if performed, and problems with the cleaning in the house no. And most importantly, what everyone wants is comfort and psychological comfort.

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