Before you pick up a MOP and a rag, assess the extent of the "tragedy" and stock up on everything that will facilitate your work. Adjust the bag to collect dust in vacuum cleaner, buy cleaning supplies, if you are not sure that the old stock enough. Forget about the fact that life in the most efficient way to wash Windows was the newspaper. In any supermarket there are many miracle cloth microfiber, which will make glass and mirrors clean just a couple of minutes.

Classic General cleaning

To restore perfect clarity to the mind. We must start with the search assistants. Call for help all tenants. First, it will significantly reduce the time of cleaning, and secondly, will be a great family entertainment. There is another secret: things that seem very necessary, for other members of the family are garbage (from the side we see). They will not pour out when you dispose of the jeans which 10 years are in the closet.

Assistants you will need to very first and the main stage – getting rid of junk. Take a couple large garbage bags, put them in the middle of the room. Start to sort through all that reaches. Cracked plates and cups with broken handles, unpaired socks, empty boxes of shoes and bags with a broken handle or a torn lining – all this without regret, put them into the main garbage bag. Clothing that still looks good, but out of fashion or has become small, collect the second package. The third package send unwanted books and toys. The first package to take it to the dumpster, and the second and third – to the nearest Church, a shelter or charitable organization.

The second stage is the actual cleaning. In getting rid of junk the kids are great helpers. As for the rest – the worst enemies of order. While you're scrubbing the floors in one room, in another they may stain the carpet colors. Yes, and they will distract you constantly. Therefore, it is recommended to send the children to walk in the yard, and of the assistants to leave the man. On the shoulders of your companion cleaning will be screwing the shelves, rearrange the furniture (temporary), and similar things that require physical strength.

Cleaning should begin with a room with a balcony. It was on the balcony, as a rule, most of the debris and dust. Then comes the turn of the bedrooms and children's rooms. Last cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. However, the owner may prefer another procedure for cleaning. It all depends on the degree of contamination of the room and personal habits.

General cleaning includes many steps. Try to combine classes. While defrosting the refrigerator, you can bring order in cereals and spices (don't forget to wipe down the shelves in cupboards). If you already put it in the car the curtains and started the wash, immediately start washing Windows and window sills.

Do not forget every hour to do a 5-minute break, otherwise you'll get tired and won't bring spring cleaning to the end.

General cleaning system the Fly Lady

In recent years, many Housewives began to use the system Lady fly, which allows you to keep the house clean without spending a lot of time. So cleaning does not become a tedious and physically exhausting exercise, divide the whole apartment into zones. For example, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, bedroom, living room (common room), balcony and corridors. On cleaning one area, take a whole week, but to work on the cleanliness should be 15-30 minutes per day. After 5 weeks in your house will remain junk, it will Shine with purity. And most importantly – you never have to spend all weekend cleaning, because the maintenance of order in the apartment you will get used to spend only 15 minutes every day.