You will need
  • - Chemicals to fight bedbugs;
  • - wormwood;
  • - denatured alcohol;
  • naphthalene;
  • - rubbing alcohol;
  • - the steam generator.
The maximum effect can be achieved in the fight against bedbugs, if you ask for help in special service. The chemical substance which they use have the required safety certificates and guarantee high quality. Specialists use equipment, which allows to fight against the hated insects in hard to reach places. The experience of professionals allows you to accurately and quickly determine the habitats of bedbugs in the apartment. Specialists use chemical treatment that is completely safe for animals and people. Necessary before the arrival of the service to prepare the room: remove the bedding, clean up the food, cover the aquarium (if you have it).
In the markets and specialized stores you can find plenty of tools available for the destruction of bedbugs in the room. The most common of them: "Dickie" (and has an unpleasant odor badly weathered); "Malathion" (powder of low toxicity, the smell is virtually nonexistent); "the RAID" (aerosol odor); "Het" (an effective tool that leaves no footprint on the Wallpaper and furniture, safe for animals and people); "Tetrix"; "Cucaracha"; "foresight" and many others. To use these chemicals according to the instructions. Follow safety rules when carrying out works.
Cut specialized drugs there are also national funds in the fight against bedbugs. But many professionals do not recommend they be considered a panacea, and used in an integrated approach. Wormwood is an ancient and effective method for repelling insects by its odor. But note that this herb is recommended as a preventive measure for the appearance of parasites in the house.
It is possible to carry out the destruction of bed bugs by using naphthalene and meth. Mix 150 milliliters of denatured alcohol with 5 grams of naphthalene. The prepared solution use for the treatment of mattresses and upholstered furniture, it does not stain the upholstery. To get rid of bed bugs, you can spray rubbing alcohol from a spray bottle, it is immediately killed. To destroy visible bugs eggs soak the brush in rubbing alcohol and treat the place of their clusters.
Purchase a conventional steam generator at the hardware store (can be used for the same purposes a conventional electric kettle, turning it with a flexible hose to the steam generator). The hot steam will kill all bed bugs and their eggs. A good walk steam in all cracks and corners.