You will need
  • - the toasts from black bread - 300 g;
  • - sugar - 300 g;
  • - fresh yeast - 15 g;
  • - water - 5 liters
Prepare the toasts from rye bread. Slice it into pieces the same size. On a dry pan put sliced and set in the oven. The croutons should be well dried, roasted, when you do this, be sure to follow them. Burnt product will spoil the taste of the brew.
Ready rye crackers fold in volumetric capacity. In a saucepan or kettle boil three liters of water. Pour the boiling water over the breadcrumbs and leave for a few hours. During this time the water has cooled down. With the help of cheesecloth, separate the liquid from the breadcrumbs. Try not to skip through cheesecloth bread crumb.
The second part of the water and bring to a boil and pour over bread in a pressed mass. Repeating the process, separate the pulp from the infusion in an hour. Collecting bread fat in a dish, add the required volume of water will get exactly five litres. The water can be added from the kettle.
To further prepare the home brew put into the liquid the sugar and yeast. Stir the food and the dishes covered with gauze, leave it for 8 hours in a warm place. After the specified time the brew can be transferred to the refrigerator. To home brew a little more sour, add recipe lemon. Only two slices. Put them together with sugar.